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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Nov-2014Identification of sources and processes in a low-level radioactive waste site adjacent to landfills: groundwater hydrogeochemistry and isotopesCendón, DI; Hughes, CE; Harrison, JJ; Hankin, SI; Johansen, MP; Payne, TE; Wong, HKY; Rowling, B; Vine, M; Wilsher, KL; Guinea, A; Thiruvoth, S
19-May-2015Identifying flood recharge and inter-aquifer connectivity using multiple isotopes in subtropical AustraliaKing, AC; Raiber, M; Cendón, DI; Cox, ME; Hollins, SE
16-Sep-2012Improving conceptual models of groundwater flow, recharge and quality evolution in a vulnerable coastal aquifer subject to rapid land/use changeCurrell, MJ; Cendón, DI
1-Jan-2013The influence of groundwater/surface water exchange on stable isotopic signatures along the Darling River, NSW, AustraliaMeredith, KT; Hollins, SE; Hughes, CE; Cendón, DI; Stone, DJM
30-Jul-2018Installation of a pilot experimental trench at the Little Forest legacy sitePayne, TE; Kinsela, AS; Rowling, B; Hankin, SI; Cendón, DI; Comarmond, MJ; Bligh, MW; Hughes, CE; Anderson, D; Wilsher, KL
6-Nov-2018Installation of an experimental trench at the Little Forest Legacy SitePayne, TE; Kinsela, AS; Bligh, M; Anderson, D; Rowling, B; Hughes, CE; Hankin, SI; Cendón, DI; Wilsher, KL; Comarmond, MJ
7-Jul-2014Investigating the origin of salinity and aquifier interaction in a sesonally pumped confined aquifier system in southeast Australia (Western Port Basin)Lee, S; Currell, MJ; Cendón, DI
7-Jul-2014Irrigation bore water in the Condamine Catchment: baselining groundwater quality and assessing pathways of hydraulic connectivityMartel, L; Cendón, DI; Hankin, SI; Iverach, CP; Kelly, BFJ
16-Sep-2013Isoscapes: a 3D visualisation approach to study aquifer connectivity during drought and flood, Lockyer Valley, southeast Queensland, Australia,Raiber, M; Cox, ME; Cendón, DI; Hartland, A; James, A
7-Oct-2011Isotopes in the hydrological cycleCendón, DI
2008Isotopic and geochemical tracer investigations, southern Athabasca in-situ oil sand region, Northeastern Alberta: 2007 baseline surveysGibson, JJ; Birks, SJ; Tattrie, KR; Lacroix, MP; Cendón, DI; Szabova, M; Richardson, K; Harder, S
3-Nov-2015Isotopic and hydrogeochemical study of radionuclide and landfill leachate migration in a contaminant disposal precinct in Sydney´s SouthwestHughes, CE; Cendón, DI; Harrison, JJ; Payne, TE; Johansen, MP
13-Dec-2006An isotopic approach to hydrological mass balance in the Nattai river catchment (SE, NSW), 2. Rain, groundwater and stream sulfate 35S, δ34S, δ18O, Δ17O.Waring, CL; Lee, G; Collins, E; Hankin, SI; Cendón, DI
15-Apr-2022Isotopic evidence for nitrate sources and controls on denitrification in groundwater beneath an irrigated agricultural districtHarris, SJ; Cendón, DI; Hankin, SI; Peterson, MA; Xiao, S; Kelly, BFJ
2010Isotopic tracing of surface/groundwater interactions, groundwater age and salinity in the southern Athabasca in-situ oil sands region: final report on baseline surveysGibson, JJ; Birks, SJ; Yi, Y; Moncur, M; Tattrie, KR; Jasechko, S; Richardson, K; Szabova, M; Cendón, DI; Marandi, A
18-Mar-2015The Kulumadau epithermal breccia-hosted gold deposit, Woodlark Island, Papua New GuineaBurkett, D; Graham, IT; Spencer, L; Lennox, P; Cohen, D; Zwingmann, H; Lau, F; Kelly, BFJ; Cendón, DI
1-Jan-2013Lake CarpentariaChivas, AR; García, A; Cendón, DI
21-Jul-2011Land-atmosphere coupling during the last glacial maximum: an Australian perspectiveLarsen, JR; Nanson, GC; Cendón, DI
1-Jan-2015Large celestine orebodies formed by early-diagenetic replacement of gypsified stromatolites (Upper Miocene, Montevive–Escúzar deposit, Granada Basin, SpainGarcía-Veigas, J; Rosell, L; Cendón, DI; Gilbert, L; Martín, JM; Torres-Ruiz, J; Ortí, F
26-Sep-2019Late Miocene evaporite geochemistry of Lorca and Fortuna basins (Eastern Betics, SE Spain): Evidence of restriction and continentalizationGarcía-Veigas, J; Gilbert, L; Cendón, DI; Artiaga, D; Corbí, H; Soria, JM; Lowenstein, TK; Sanz, E