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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Mar-2015The Kulumadau epithermal breccia-hosted gold deposit, Woodlark Island, Papua New GuineaBurkett, D; Graham, IT; Spencer, L; Lennox, P; Cohen, D; Zwingmann, H; Lau, F; Kelly, BFJ; Cendón, DI
1-Jan-2013Lake CarpentariaChivas, AR; García, A; Cendón, DI
21-Jul-2011Land-atmosphere coupling during the last glacial maximum: an Australian perspectiveLarsen, JR; Nanson, GC; Cendón, DI
1-Jan-2015Large celestine orebodies formed by early-diagenetic replacement of gypsified stromatolites (Upper Miocene, Montevive–Escúzar deposit, Granada Basin, SpainGarcía-Veigas, J; Rosell, L; Cendón, DI; Gilbert, L; Martín, JM; Torres-Ruiz, J; Ortí, F
26-Sep-2019Late Miocene evaporite geochemistry of Lorca and Fortuna basins (Eastern Betics, SE Spain): Evidence of restriction and continentalizationGarcía-Veigas, J; Gilbert, L; Cendón, DI; Artiaga, D; Corbí, H; Soria, JM; Lowenstein, TK; Sanz, E
14-Oct-2015Late-glacial to late-Holocene shifts in global precipitation δ18OJesechko, S; Lechler, A; Pausata, FSR; Fawcett, PJ; Gleeson, T; Cendón, DI; Galewsky, J; LeGrande, AN; Risi, C; Sharp, ZD; Welker, JM; Werner, M; Yoshimura, K
1-Oct-2013The major-ion composition of Cenozoic seawater: the past 36 million years from fluid inclusions in marine haliteBrennan, ST; Lowenstein, TK; Cendón, DI
15-Jun-2015Marine to lacustrine evolution in an evaporitic environment: the late miocene Lorca Basin, SpainGarcía-Veigas, J; Cendón, DI; Gilbert, L; Rosell, L; Ortí, F; Playà, E; Prats, E; Soria, JM; Corbí, H; Sanz, E
15-Feb-2016Marine water from mid-holocene sea level highstand trapped in a coastal aquifer: Evidence from groundwater isotopes, and environmental significanceLee, S; Currell, MJ; Cendón, DI
4-Oct-2021The Messinian evaporites of the Mesaoria basin (North Cyprus): a discrepancy with the current chronostratigraphic understandingArtiaga, D; García-Veigas, J; Cendón, DI; Atalar, C; Gilbert, L
19-Jan-2012Modelling evaporative losses from the Darling River during drought using δ2H and δ18OHughes, CE; Hollins, SE; Crawford, J; Meredith, KT; Cendón, DI
1-Oct-2011Movement of a tritium plume in shallow groundwater at a legacy low level radioactive waste disposal site in eastern AustraliaHughes, CE; Cendón, DI; Harrison, JJ; Hankin, SI; Johansen, MP; Payne, TE; Vine, M; Collins, RN; Hoffmann, EL; Loosz, T
28-Nov-2017A multi-tracer approach to constraining artesian groundwater discharge into an alluvial aquiferIverach, CP; Cendón, DI; Meredith, KT; Wilcken, KM; Hankin, SI; Andersen, MS; Kelly, BFJ
3-Nov-2015Multi-tracer approach to investigate groundwater recharge and aquifer connectivity in the Clarence-Moreton and eastern Surat basins in southeast QueenslandRaiber, M; Feitz, A; Cendón, DI; Suckow, A
27-Nov-2013A multi-tracer approach to quantifying groundwater inflows to an upland river; assessing the influence of variable groundwater chemistryAtkinson, AP; Cartwright, I; Gilfedder, BS; Hofmann, H; Unland, NP; Cendón, DI; Chisari, R
28-May-2020N2O isotopocule measurements using laser spectroscopy: analyzer characterization and intercomparisonHarris, SJ; Liisberg, J; Xia, LL; Wei, J; Zeyer, K; Yu, LF; Barthel, M; Wolf, B; Kelly, BFJ; Cendón, DI; Blunier, T; Six, J; Mohn, J
12-Jul-2017A new diffusion method for heterogeneous drill cores using radioactive bromide or iodidePeterson, MA; Cendón, DI; Andersen, MS
16-Nov-2012A new groundwater initiative: global palaeoclimate signals from large aquifers (G@GPS) to link palaeoclimate archives and paleogroundwater observationsCendón, DI
15-Dec-2016A nine-year record of groundwater environmental tracer variations in a weathered sandstone plateau aquiferCendón, DI; Hankin, SI; Hughes, CE; Meredith, KT; Peterson, MA; Scheiber, L; Shimizu, Y
7-Apr-2019Nitrogen cycling dynamics in a humid subtropical climate: insights from the Nogoa River sub-catchment, central Queensland, AustraliaHarris, SJ; Cendón, DI; Peterson, MA; Hankin, SI; Watson, J; Xiao, S; Kelly, BFJ