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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Jul-2010Darwin / Hatherton glacial system: preliminary results of geomorophological mapping and cosmogenic sampling in 2009/10.Joy, K; Atkins, C; Storey, BC; Fink, D
19-Jun-2006Data report: Radiocarbon dating and sedimentation rates for Holocene-upper Pleistocene sediments, eastern equatorial pacific and Peru continental marginSkilbeck, CG; Fink, D
21-Jul-2011Dating lacustrine sediments in the central Jordan Valley, Israel: Implications for cosmogenic burial datingDavis, M; Matmon, A; Ron, H; Fink, D; Niedermann, S; Rood, D
15-May-2011Dating Pliocene lacustrine sediments in the central Jordan Valley, Israel - Implications for cosmogenic burial datingDavis, M; Matmon, A; Fink, D; Ron, H; Niedermann, S
28-Nov-2016Deciphering the cosmogenic code to learn Earth’s surface historyStroeven, AP; Fink, D; Caffee, M
26-Nov-2009Defining past volume of grounded ice in the Ross SeaLilly, K; Wilson, GS; Fink, D; Levy, R; Mifsud, C
Aug-2009Deglaciation and weathering of Larsemann Hills, East AntarcticaKiernan, K; Gore, DB; Fink, D; White, DA; McConnell, A; Sigurdsson, IA
1-Sep-2016Deglaciation of FennoscandiaStroeven, AP; Hättestrand, C; Kleman, J; Heyman, J; Fabel, D; Fredin, O; Goodfellow, BW; Harbor, JM; Jansen, JD; Olsen, L; Caffee, MW; Fink, D; Lundqvist, J; Rosqvist, GC; Strömberg, B; Jansson, KN
1-May-1997Depth profile of 41Ca in an Apollo 15 drill core and the low energy neutron flux in the MoonNishiizumi, K; Fink, D; Klein, J; Middleton, R; Masarik, J; Reedy, RC; Arnold, JR
15-May-2009Detailed surface exposure age chronology for last glacial sequences in the Rangitata and Waimakariri Valleys, South Island, New ZealandRother, H; Fink, D; Schulmeister, J; Evans, M
2-May-2021Determining the origin and changing shape of landscape-scale rock formations with three-dimensional modelling: the Borologa rock shelters, Kimberley region, AustraliaGenuite, K; Delannoy, JJ; David, B; Unghango, A; Balanggarra Aboriginal Corporation; Cazes, G; Fulop, R; Fink, D; Codilean, AT; Ouzman, S; Veth, P; Harper, S; Green, H; Finch, D; Urwin, C
26-Feb-2020Determining the Plio-Quaternary uplift of the southern French Massif Central; a new insight for intraplate orogen dynamicsMalcles, O; Vernant, P; Chéry, J; Camps, P; Cazes, G; Ritz, JF; Fink, D
3-Jun-2011Developing an event stratigraphy for Australasian climate changeShulmeister, J; Turney, CSM; Fink, D; Newnham, RM; Alloway, BV
15-Dec-2020Development of a multi-method chronology spanning the last glacial interval from Orakei maar lake, Auckland, New ZealandPeti, L; Fitzsimmons, KE; Hopkins, JL; Nilsson, A; Fujioka, T; Fink, D; Mifsud, C; Christl, M; Muscheler, R; Augustinus, PC
16-Jul-2010Diamond Hill, Darwin Glacier. A proxy for the West Antarctic ice sheet?Joy, K; Storey, BC; Fink, D; Shulmeister, J
5-Jul-2010Diamond Hill, Darwin Glacier. A proxy for the West Antarctic ice sheet?Joy, K; Storey, BC; Fink, D; Shulmeister, J
8-Oct-2010Dip-slip rate determined by cosmogenic surface dating on a Holocene scarp of the Daju fault, Yunnan, ChinaKong, P; Fink, D; Na, CG; Xiao, W
17-Nov-2021Discordant 26Al/10Be ratios as an indicator of bedrock plucking: case studies from northern AustraliaFujioka, T; May, JH; Fink, D; Nanson, GC
Nov-2021The distribution and fractionation of beryllium isotopes in various reactive phases of Antarctic marine sedimentsJeromson, MR; Fujioka, T; Fink, D; Post, A; Simon, KJ; Sánchez-Palacios, JT; Blaxell, M; Enge, TG; Wilcken, KM; White, DA
13-Jun-2014The early rise and late demise of New Zealand’s last glacial maximumRother, H; Fink, D; Shulmeister, J; Mifsud, C; Evans, M; Pugh, J