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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Jun-2016Tick-tock there is a clock in my rock – 30 years of counting atoms with accelerator mass spectrometryFink, D
15-Feb-2019The timing and nature of the last glacial cycle in New ZealandShulmeister, J; Thackray, GD; Rittenour, TM; Fink, D; Patton, NR
15-Jan-2018Timing of Pleistocene glaciations in the High Atlas, Morocco: New 10Be and 36Cl exposure agesHughes, PD; Fink, D; Rodés, A; Fenton, CR; Fujioka, T
Oct-1994Tissue disposition of 26aluminum in rats measured by accelerator mass spectrometryWalker, VR; Sutton, RA; Meirav, O; Sossi, V; Johnson, R; Klein, J; Fink, D; Middleton, RJ
Aug-2014Topographic and microclimatic impacts on glaciation of the Denison Range, southwest TasmaniaKiernan, K; McMinn, MS; Fink, D
1-Aug-2014Towards improvement in Al Assay in quartz for in situ cosmogenic 26Al exposure datingFujioka, T; Fink, D; Mifsud, C
15-Oct-2015Towards improvement of aluminium assay in quartz for in situ cosmogenic 26Al analysis at ANSTOFujioka, T; Fink, D; Mifsud, C
7-May-2018Tracking the 10Be–26AI source-area signal in sediment-routing systems of arid central AustraliaStruck, M; Jansen, JD; Fujioka, T; Codilean, AT; Fink, D; Fülöp, RH; Wilcken, KM; Price, DM; Kotevski, S; Fifield, LK; Chappell, J
1-Dec-2016Unglaciated areas in East Antarctica during the last glacial (marine isotope stage 3) – new evidence from Rauer GroupBerg, S; White, DA; Bennike, O; Fülöp, RH; Fink, D; Wagner, B; Melles, M
1-Jul-2014Unraveling rift margin evolution and escarpment development ages along the Dead Sea fault using cosmogenic burial agesMatmon, A; Fink, D; Davis, M; Niedermann, S; Rood, D; Frumkin, A
Jan-1995Uptake of trace amounts of aluminium into the brain from drinking waterWalton, J; Tuniz, C; Fink, D; Jacobsen, GE; Wilcox, D
Jul-2016Using 10Be cosmogenic isotopes to estimate erosion rates and landscape changes during the Plio-Pleistocene in the Cradle of Humankind, South AfricaDirks, PJHM; Placzek, CJ; Fink, D; Dosseto, A; Roberts, E
1-Apr-2011Using the 14C bomb pulse to date young speleothemsHodge, E; McDonald, J; Fischer, MJ; Redwood, D; Hua, Q; Levchenko, VA; Drysdale, RN; Waring, CL; Fink, D
17-Nov-2021Utilizing meteoric 10Be to define the mobile-stable regolith boundary within unconsolidated sedimentPatton, NR; Shulmeister, J; Fujioka, T; Fink, D; Simon, KJ; Wilcken, KM
15-May-2009Variations in tree-ring 14C for the younger dryasHua, Q; Barbetti, M; Fink, D; Levchenko, VA; Zoppi, U; Smith, AM; Bertuch, F
Sep-2006Vegetation and land-use at Angkor, Cambodia: a dated pollen sequence from the Bakong temple moatPenny, D; Pottier, C; Fletcher, R; Barbetti, M; Fink, D; Hua, Q
5-Sep-2013A weak El Niño/Southern Oscillation with delayed seasonal growth around 4,300 years agoMcGregor, HV; Fischer, MJ; Gagan, MK; Fink, D; Phipps, SJ; Wong, HKY; Woodroffe, CD