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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2016Measurement of fallout radionuclides, 239,240Pu and 137Cs, in soil and creek sediment: Sydney Basin, AustraliaSmith, BS; Child, DP; Fierro, D; Harrison, JJ; Heijnis, H; Hotchkis, MAC; Johansen, MP; Marx, SK; Payne, TE; Zawadzki, A
1-Mar-2012Multi-proxy evidence for trans-Pacific tsunamis in the Hawai'ian IslandsChagué-Goff, C; Goff, JR; Nichol, SL; Dudley, W; Zawadzki, A; Bennett, JW; Mooney, SD; Fierro, D; Heijnis, H; Dominey-Howes, D; Courtney, C
25-Oct-2004Myall Lakes – isotope dating of short term environmental changes in a coastal lake system - anthropogenic pressures causing blue- green algae outbreaks in a national parkFlett, I; Heijnis, H; Harle, KJ; Skillbeck, G
1-Jun-2016A new late Quaternary palaeohydrological record from the humid tropics of northeastern AustraliaBurrows, MA; Heijnis, H; Gadd, PS; Haberle, SG
15-May-2018A new method for dating tree-rings in trees with faint, indeterminate ring boundaries using the Itrax core scannerHaines, HA; Gadd, PS; Palmer, JG; Olley, JM; Hua, Q; Heijnis, H
28-Oct-2004Nuclear detectives - reconstructing histories of toxic dinoflagellates & blue green algae in coastal lakes and estuariesHeijnis, H; McMinn, A; Hallegraeff, GM; Srisuksawad, K
24-Oct-2004Nuclear detectives - reconstructing histories of toxic dinoflagellates & blue green algae in coastal lakes and estuariesHeijnis, H; McMinn, A; Hallegraeff, GM; Srisuksawad, K
1-Jun-2010Paoay Lake, northern Luzon, the Philippines: a record of Holocene environmental change.Stevenson, J; Siringan, F; Finn, J; Madulid, D; Heijnis, H
30-Oct-2014Pollen, biomarker and stable isotope evidence of late quaternary environmental change at Lake McKenzie, southeast QueenslandAtahan, P; Heijnis, H; Dodson, JR; Grice, K; Le Métayer, P; Taffs, K; Hembrow, SC; Woltering, M; Zawadzki, A
1-Aug-2014The potential of ITRAX core scanning: applications in quaternary scienceGadd, PS; Heijnis, H
1-Jan-2015A ramsar-wetland in suburbia: wetland management in an urbanised, industrialised areaKermode, SJ; Heijnis, H; Wong, HKY; Zawadzki, A; Gadd, PS; Permana, A
25-May-2018Rapid measurement of strontium in speleothems using core-scanning micro x-ray fluorescenceScroxton, N; Burns, S; Dawson, P; Rhodes, JM; Brent, K; McGee, D; Heijnis, H; Gadd, PS; Hantoro, WS; Gagan, MK
16-Oct-2012Re-constructing the sedimentation and pollution signatures of Mill Creek (NSW) by ITRAX core-scanning, geochemical and radiochemistry techniquesGadd, PS; Heijnis, H; Goralewksi, J; Fierro, D; Zawadzki, A
15-Aug-2014Recent history of sediment metal contamination in Lake Macquarie, Australia, and an assessment of ash handling procedure effectiveness in mitigating metal contamination from coal-fired power stationsSchneider, L; Maher, W; Potts, J; Gruber, B; Batley, GE; Taylor, A; Chariton, AA; Krikowa, F; Zawadzki, A; Heijnis, H
1-Mar-2016Reconsidering precolumbian human colonization in the Galapagos Islands, Republic of EcuadorAnderson, A; Stothert, K; Martinsson-Wallin, H; Wallin, P; Flett, I; Haberle, SG; Heijnis, H; Rhodes, E
1-Dec-2011Reconstructing recent sedimentation in two urbanised coastal lagoons (NSW, Australia) using radioisotopes and geochemistryHollins, SE; Harrison, JJ; Jones, BG; Zawadzki, A; Heijnis, H; Hankin, SI
12-Jun-2019Scientific drilling of sediments at Darwin Crater, TasmaniaLisé-Pronovost, A; Fletcher, MS; Mallett, T; Mariani, M; Lewis, RJ; Gadd, PS; Herries, AIR; Blaauw, M; Heijnis, H; Hodgson, DA; Pedro, JB
15-Feb-2016Sediment cores as archives of historical changes in floodplain lake hydrologyLintern, A; Leahy, PJ; Zawadzki, A; Gadd, PS; Heijnis, H; Jacobsen, GE; Connor, SE; Deletic, A; McCarthy, DT
10-Dec-2018Sedimentation and vegetation change through the last glacial cycle at Echo Lake, Fraser IslandKemp, J; Heijnis, H; Longmore, M; Gadd, PS; Spooner, NA; Questiaux, D
1-May-2018Uncertainties in historical pollution data from sedimentary records from an Australian urban floodplain lakeLintern, A; Leahy, PJ; Deletic, A; Heijnis, H; Zawadzki, A; Gadd, PS; McCarthy, DT