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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Jul-2017Ecology of the past: old-growth mosses as potential biological proxies for past Antarctic climateWaterman, MJ; Hua, Q; Casanova-Katny, A; Zúñiga, GE; Robinson, SA
1-Nov-2015Effect of landscape fires on the demography of the endangered New Caledonian conifer Callitris sulcataHaverkamp, C; Prior, LD; Fogliani, B; L’Huillier, L; Anquez, M; Hua, Q; Bowman, DMJS
3-Apr-2006Effect of N2O, catalyst, and means of water vapor removal on the graphitization of small CO2 samples.Smith, AM; Petrenko, VV; Hua, Q; Southon, J; Brailsford, G
14-Dec-2019Engineers or opportunists? Examining the role that Australian native plants play in constructing fluvial landforms in subtropical river corridorsGarber, J; Rutherfurd, I; Ghisalberti, M; Zawadzki, A; Hua, Q; Gadd, PS
17-Nov-2021Establishing robust chronologies for two young stalagmites from the tropical south Pacific using radiocarbonFaraji, M; Hua, Q; Borsato, A; Frisia, S
17-Nov-2021Evaluating δ18O and δ13C variations within a modern Biggenden Banded snail (Figuladra bayensis) shell using radiocarbon dating: application for past climate reconstructionPatton, NR; Shulmeister, J; Leng, MJ; Jones, M; Hua, Q; Hughes, CE
15-Jul-2016Evidence for extreme floods in arid subtropical northwest Australia during the Little Ice Age chronozone (CE 1400-1850).Rouillard, A; Skrzypek, G; Turney, CSM; Dorgramaci, S; Hua, Q; Zawadzki, A; Reeves, JM; Greenwood, P; O’Donnell, AJ; Grierson, PF
17-Nov-2021Evolution of the Great Barrier Reef Halimeda carbonate factory in response to Holocene environmental changes, determined from radiocarbon and nitrogen isotope measurementsMcNeil, M; Hua, Q; Erler, DV; Nothdurft, LD; Webster, JM; Moss, P
Feb-2009Examining late holocene marine reservoir effect in archaeological fauna at Hope Inlet, Beagle Gulf, North Australia.Bourke, P; Hua, Q
5-Dec-2016Exotic aerosols in the Falkland Islands: a record of South American dust and pollen transport to the South Atlantic since 13 kaHesse, PP; Viehberg, F; Schittek, K; Ungrad, L; Hua, Q; White, D
Apr-2017Exploring the dating of “dirty” speleothems and cave sinters using radiocarbon dating of preserved organic matterBlyth, AJ; Hua, Q; Smith, AM; Frisia, S; Borsato, A; Hellstrom, JC
1-Jul-2016Exploring the source-to-sink residence time of terrestrial pollen deposited offshore Westland, New ZealandRyan, MT; Newnham, RM; Dunbar, GB; Vandergoes, MJ; Rees, ABH; Neil, H; Callard, SL; Alloway, BV; Bostock, HC; Hua, Q; Anderson, BM
1-Feb-2016Extended residence times for foraminifera in a marine-influenced terrestrial archaeological deposit and implications for palaeoenvironmental reconstructionNagel, T; Rosendahl, D; Hua, Q; Moss, PT; Sloss, CR; Petchey, F; Ulm, S
28-Mar-2011Fire-patterned vegetation and the development of organic soils in the lowland vegetation mosaics of south-west TasmaniaWood, SW; Hua, Q; Bowman, DMJS
13-Dec-2018First constraint on historical geomagnetic secular variation in Cambodia, Southeast AsiaDoctor, RK; Cai, S; Tauxe, L; Hendrickson, M; Hua, Q
22-Mar-2010A first step toward small-mass AMS radiocarbon analysis at Nagoya UniversityMinami, M; Miyata, Y; Nakamura, T; Hua, Q
14-Mar-2011The game of radiocarbon dating and calibrationHua, Q
17-Nov-2021Graphitisation & measurement of microgram radiocarbon samples at ANSTOSmith, AM; Hua, Q; Varley, S; Williams, AA; Yang, B
1-Jun-2009Growth rate of Antarctic mosses derived from bomb radiocarbon.Fink, D; Hua, Q; Clarke, LJ; Robinson, SA
28-Mar-2019Has nitrogen supply to coral reefs in the south Pacific Ocean changed over the past 50 thousand years?Erler, DV; Shepherd, BO; Linsley, BK; Nothdurft, LD; Hua, Q; Lough, JM