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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015Land-use affects the radiocarbon age, storage and depth distribution of soil organic carbon in Eastern AustraliaHobley, E; Wilson, B; Hua, Q
21-Apr-2015Large variations in the Holocene marine radiocarbon reservoir effect reflect ocean circulation and climatic changesHua, Q; Webb, GE; Zhao, JX; Nothdurft, LD; Lybolt, M; Price, GJ; Opdyke, BN
4-Jun-2009Laser-heated microfurnace: gas analysis & graphite morphologySmith, AM; Yang, B; Hua, Q; Mann, M
18-Jul-2016Late Holocene 14C marine reservoir corrections for Hawai'i derived from U-series dated archaeological coralWeisler, MI; Hua, Q; Zhao, JX
1-Feb-2015Late holocene sea-level fall and turn-off of reef flat carbonate production: rethinking bucket fill and coral reef growth modelsHarris, DL; Webster, JM; Vila-Concejo, A; Hua, Q; Yokoyama, Y; Reimer, PJ
1-Jun-2009Late holocene ΔR values for Hawaii derived from U-Th dated archaeological coralsWeisler, MI; Hua, Q; Zhao, JX
17-Nov-2021Late Pleistocene fossil flora of Henty Bridge, Tasmania, and their implications for glacial climate reconstructionsMatley, K; Hua, Q; Sniderman, K; Drinnan, A
20-Jul-2020Live, dead, and fossil mollusks in Florida freshwater springs and spring-fed rivers: Taphonomic pathways and the formation of multisourced, time-averaged death assemblagesKusernik, KM; Means, GH; Portell, RW; Brenner, M; Hua, Q; Kannai, A; Means, R; Monroe, MA; Kowalewski, M
9-Jul-2015Low abundance compound specific radiocarbon dating of particulate organic matter preserved in speleothemsBlyth, AJ; Hua, Q; Smith, AM
Apr-2010Mangrove forest and soil development on a rapidly accreting shore in New ZealandLovelock, CE; Sorrell, BK; Hancock, N; Hua, Q; Swales, A
15-Oct-2013Marine radiocarbon reservoir effect along the north-eastern coast of Australia during the HoloceneHua, Q; Webb, GE; Zhao, JX; Nothdurft, LD; Price, GJ
1-Sep-2003Marine reservoir correction for the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Indian OceanHua, Q; Woodroffe, CD; Barbetti, M; Smithers, SG; Zoppi, U; Fink, D
2004Marine reservoir correction for the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Indian OceanHua, Q; Woodroffe, CD; Barbetti, M; Smithers, SG; Zoppi, U; Fink, D
1-Jan-2013A marine reservoir correction for the Houtman-Abrolhos Archipelago, East Indian Ocean, Western AustraliaSquire, P; Joannes-Boyau, R; Scheffers, AM; Nothdurft, LD; Hua, Q; Collins, LB; Scheffers, SR; Zhao, JX
1-Jan-2013Mean residence time of soil organic carbon in aggregates under contrasting land uses based on radiocarbon measurementsRabbi, SMF; Hua, Q; Daniel, H; Lockwood, PV; Wilson, BR; Young, IM
15-Mar-2016Measurements of 14C in ancient ice from Taylor Glacier, Antarctica constrain in situ cosmogenic 14CH4 and 14CO production ratesPetrenko, VV; Severinghaus, JP; Schaefer, H; Smith, AM; Kuhl, TW; Baggenstos, D; Hua, Q; Brook, EJ; Rose, P; Kulin, R; Bauska, TK; Harth, CM; Buizert, C; Orsi, AJ; Emanuele, G; Lee, JE; Brailsford, G; Keeling, R; Weiss, RF
15-Dec-2008Measurements of carbon-14 of methane in Greenland ice: investigating methane sources during the Last Glacial TerminationPetrenko, VV; Smith, AM; Severinghaus, JP; Brook, EJ; Lowe, DC; Riedel, K; Brailsford, G; Hua, Q; Reeh, N; Schaefer, H; Weiss, RF; Etheridge, DM
2-Mar-1997Measurements of the 14CO2 bomb pulse in firn and ice at Law Dome, AntarcticaLevchenko, VA; Etheridge, DM; Francey, RJ; Trudinger, CM; Tuniz, C; Lawson, EM; Smith, AM; Jacobsen, GE; Hua, Q; Hotchkis, MAC; Fink, D; Morgan, VI; Head, J
3-Sep-2010Methane from the east Siberian Arctic ShelfPetrenko, VV; Etheridge, DM; Weiss, RF; Brook, EJ; Schaefer, H; Severinghaus, JP; Smith, AM; Lowe, DC; Hua, Q; Riedel, K
24-Aug-2017Minimal geological methane emissions during the Younger Dryas–Preboreal abrupt warming eventPetrenko, VV; Smith, AM; Schaefer, H; Riedel, K; Brook, EJ; Baggenstos, D; Harth, CM; Hua, Q; Buizert, C; Schilt, A; Faïn, X; Mitchell, L; Bauska, TK; Orsi, AJ; Weiss, RF; Severinghaus, JP