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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Apr-2019Natural and regenerated saltmarshes exhibit similar soil and belowground organic carbon stocks, root production and soil respirationSantini, NS; Lovelock, CE; Hua, Q; Zawadzki, A; Mazumder, D; Mercer, TR; Muñoz-Rojas, A; Hardwick, SA; Madala, BS; Cornwell, W; Thomas, T; Marzinelli, EM; Adam, P; Paul, S; Vergés, A
20-Apr-2019New light in the dark - a proposed multidisciplinary framework for studying functional ecology of groundwater faunaSaccò, M; Blyth, AJ; Bateman, PW; Hua, Q; Mazumder, D; White, NE; Humphreys, WF; Laini, A; Griebler, C; Grice, K
19-Dec-2014New measurements of 14C provide constraints on sources of a large atmospheric methane increase during the Younger Dryas-Preboreal Abrupt Warming EventPetrenko, VV; Severinghaus, JP; Smith, AM; Riedel, K; Brook, EJ; Schaefer, H; Baggenstos, D; Harth, CM; Hua, Q; Buizert, C; Schilt, A; Faïn, X; Mitchell, L; Bauska, TK; Orsi, AJ; Weiss, RF
Mar-2008New method for analyzing 14C of methane in ancient air extracted from glacial icePetrenko, VV; Smith, AM; Brailsford, G; Riedel, K; Hua, Q; Lowe, DC; Severinghaus, JP; Levchenko, VA; Bromley, T; Moss, R; Muhle, J; Brook, EJ
15-May-2018A new method for dating tree-rings in trees with faint, indeterminate ring boundaries using the Itrax core scannerHaines, HA; Gadd, PS; Palmer, JG; Olley, JM; Hua, Q; Heijnis, H
Sep-2008New radiocarbon measurements from Tasmanian Huon pine: closing the current gap in tree-ring based calibration data for the early Younger DryasHua, Q; Barbetti, M; Fink, D; Levchenko, VA; Zoppi, U; Smith, AM; Bertuch, F
24-Jul-2019Obtaining a history of the flux of cosmic rays using in situ cosmogenic 14C trapped in polar iceBenZvi, S; Petrenko, VV; Hmiel, B; Dyonisius, MN; Smith, AM; Yang, B; Hua, Q
21-Feb-2020Old carbon reservoirs were not important in the deglacial methane budgetDyonisius, MN; Petrenko, VV; Smith, AM; Hua, Q; Yang, B; Schmitt, J; Beck, J; Seth, B; Bock, M; Hmiel, B; Vimont, I; Menking, JA; Shackleton, SA; Baggenstos, D; Bauska, TK; Rhodes, RH; Sperlich, P; Beaudette, R; Harth, CM; Kalk, M; Brook, EJ; Fischer, H; Severinghaus, JP; Weiss, RF
11-Nov-2017One fossil record, multiple time resolutions: disparate time-averaging of echinoids and mollusks on a Holocene carbonate platformKowalewski, M; Casebolt, S; Hua, Q; Whitacre, KE; Kaufman, DS; Kosnik, MA
7-Jul-2014A palaeorainfall record from Central Pacific over the last millennia from speleothems: preliminary resultsCouchoud, I; Drysdale, RN; Hellstrom, JC; Hua, Q; Spötl, C; Etienne, S
19-Feb-2020Preindustrial 14CH4 indicates greater anthropogenic fossil CH4 emissionsHmiel, B; Petrenko, VV; Dyonisius, MN; Buizert, C; Smith, AM; Place, PF; Harth, CM; Beaudette, R; Hua, Q; Yang, B; Vimont, I; Michel, SE; Severinghaus, JP; Etheridge, DM; Bromley, T; Schmitt, J; Faïn, X; Weiss, RF; Dlugokencky, E
14-Sep-2017Preliminary radiocarbon results for late Bronze Age strata at Tel Azekah and their implicationsWebster, LC; Sergi, O; Kleiman, S; Lipschits, O; Hua, Q; Jacobsen, GE; Tristant, Y; Gadot, Y
13-Dec-2016Radioactive and stable paleoatmospheric methane isotopes across the last deglaciation and early holocene from Taylor Glacier, AntarcticaDyonisius, MN; Petrenko, VV; Smith, AW; Hmiel, B; Vimont, I; Hua, Q; Yang, B; Menking, JA; Shackleton, SA; Rhodes, RH; Baggenstos, D; Bauska, TK; Bock, M; Beck, J; Seth, B; Harth, CM; Beaudette, R; Schmitt, J; Brook, EJ; Weiss, RF; Fischer, H; Severinghaus, JP; McConnel, JP
10-Jul-2013Radiocarbon applications in environmental and earth sciencesHua, Q
Jan-2012Radiocarbon bomb spike reveals biological effects of Antarctic climate changeClarke, LJ; Robinson, SA; Hua, Q; Ayre, DJ; Fink, D
9-Aug-2012Radiocarbon bomb spike reveals climate change is stunting growth of century old Antarctic moss shootsRobinson, SA; Clarke, LJ; Waterman, MJ; Bramley-Alves, J; Hua, Q; Wanek, W; Fink, D
12-Nov-2013Radiocarbon dating and wood density chronologies of mangrove trees in arid Western AustraliaSantini, NS; Hua, Q; Schmitz, N; Lovelock, CE
1-Jan-2016Radiocarbon dating of a young speleothem record of paleoclimate for Angkor, CambodiaHua, Q; Cook, D; Penny, D; Bishop, P; Buckman, S; Fohlmeister, J
Apr-2021Radiocarbon dating of individual foram tests show that alleged Lessepsian species are of Holocene ageAlbano, PG; Sabbatini, A; Lattanzio, J; Steger, J; Szidat, S; Hua, Q; Kaufman, DS; Zuschin, M; Negri, A
18-Jun-2015Radiocarbon dating of marine carbonatesHua, Q