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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Nov-2014Sediment accumulation, stratigraphic order, and the extent of time-averaging in lagoonal sediments: a comparison of 210Pb and 14C/amino acid racemization chronologiesKosnik, MA; Hua, Q; Kaufman, DS; Zawadzki, A
Sep-2007Sediment mixing and stratigraphic disorder revealed by the age-structure of Tellina shells in Great Barrier Reef sedimentKosnik, MA; Hua, Q; Jacobsen, GE; Kaufman, DS; Wust, RAJ
9-Feb-2016SHCal13 Southern Hemisphere calibration, 0–50,000 years cal BPHogg, AG; Hua, Q; Blackwell, PG; Niu, M; Buck, CE; Guilderson, TP; Heaton, TJ; Palmer, JG; Reimer, PJ; Reimer, RW; Turney, CSM; Zimmerman, SRH
12-Aug-2020SHCal20 Southern Hemisphere calibration, 0–55,000 years cal BPHogg, AG; Heaton, TJ; Hua, Q; Palmer, JG; Turney, CSM; Southon, J; Bayliss, A; Blackwell, PG; Boswijk, G; Bronk Ramsey, C; Pearson, C; Petchey, F; Reimer, P; Wacker, L
2011Similar life history traits in bull (Carcharhinus leucas) and pig-eye (C. amboinensis) sharksTillett, BJ; Meekan, MG; Field, IC; Hua, Q; Bradshaw, CJA
1-Jan-2013Small-mass AMS radiocarbon analysis at Nagoya UniversityMinami, M; Kato, T; Miyata, Y; Nakamura, T; Hua, Q
2017Smelting in the shadow of the iron mountain: Preliminary field investigation of the industrial landscape around Phnom Dek, Cambodia (ninth to twentieth centuries A.D.)Hendrickson, M; Leroy, S; Hua, Q; Kaseka, P; Vuthy, V
14-Dec-2016Soil organic carbon in eastern AustraliaHobley, E; Baldock, JA; Hua, Q; Wilson, B
Jun-2019Soil properties on sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island: fundamental indicators of ecosystem function and potential changeWilson, BR; Wilson, SC; Sindel, B; Williams, LK; Hawking, KL; Shaw, J; Tighe, M; Hua, Q; Kristiansen, P
17-Oct-2016Spatial and temporal variation in carbon storage in subtropical seagrass meadowsSamper-Villarreal, J; Lovelock, CE; Saunders, MI; Roelfsema, C; Hua, Q; Mumby, PJ
17-Nov-2021Speleothem 14C is unlikely to be impacted by wildfire – case studies from Western Australia and TasmaniaCampbell, M; McDonough, LK; Kosarac, N; Treble, PC; Markowska, M; Baker, AA; Hua, Q
1-Aug-2017Stalagmite carbon isotopes and dead carbon proportion (DCP) in a near-closed-system situation: An interplay between sulphuric and carbonic acid dissolutionBajo, P; Borsato, A; Drysdale, RN; Hua, Q; Frisia, S; Zanchetta, G; Hellstrom, JC; Woodhead, JD
Nov-2009Taphonomic bias and time-averaging in tropical molluscan death assemblages: differential shelf half-lives in Great Barrier Reef sedimentsKosnik, MA; Hua, Q; Kaufman, DS; Wust, RA
6-Sep-2021The taphonomic clock in fish otolithsAgiadi, K; Azzarone, M; Hua, Q; Kaufman, DS; Thivaiou, D; Albano, PG
15-Nov-2021Temples through time: a radiocarbon-based chronology for the Bronze to Iron Age temple sequence at Pella (Jordan)Webster, LC; Bourke, S; Dighton, A; Hua, Q; Jacobsen, GE
1-Dec-2020Temporal variability in the Holocene marine radiocarbon reservoir effect for the Tropical and South PacificHua, Q; Ulm, S; Yu, K; Clark, TR; Nothdurft, LD; Leonard, ND; Pandolfi, JM; Jacobsen, GE; Zhao, JX
1-Nov-2016Time-averaging and stratigraphic resolution in death assemblages and Holocene deposits: Sydney harbour’s molluscan recordDominguez, JG; Kosnik, MA; Allen, AP; Hua, Q; Jacob, DE; Kaufman, DS; Whitacre, KE
17-Nov-2021Towards 14C-dating of gases in ice cores – constraining the in situ cosmogenic 14C production rates by muonsDyonisius, MN; Petrenko, VV; Smith, AM; Hmiel, B; Neff, PD; Yang, B; Hua, Q; Place, PF; Menking, J; Shackleton, SA; Beaudette, R; Harth, CM; Kalk, M; Roop, H; Bereiter, B; Armanetti, C; Buizert, C; Schmitt, J; Brook, EJ; Severinghaus, JP; Weiss, RF; McConnell, JR
28-Aug-2020Tracking down carbon inputs underground from an arid zone Australian calcreteSaccò, M; Blyth, AJ; Humphreys, WF; Middleton, JA; White, NE; Campbell, M; Mousavi-Derazmahalleh, M; Laini, A; Hua, Q; Meredith, KT; Cooper, SJB; Griebler, C; Allard, S; Grierson, P; Grice, K
17-Nov-2021Tracking shark spatial mobility patterns using 14C measurements on vertebrae growth bandsHarada, Y; Gustafson, J; Hua, Q; Riekenberg, PM; Steinhof, A; Fernandes, R