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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2008On the characterisation of order-disorder in ion-irradiated pyrochlore compounds by electron scattering methodsLumpkin, GR; Whittle, KR; Blackford, MG; Smith, KL; Zaluzec, NJ
13-Sep-2017On the way to a quantification of radiation damage in accessory minerals using REE3+ photoluminescence spectroscopyLenz, C; Lumpkin, GR; Thorogood, GJ; Nasdala, L
27-Jul-2016One-dimensional uranium(VI) coordination polymers with pyridinecarboxylate ligandsShepherd, ND; Zhang, YJ; Karatchevtseva, I; Price, JR; Kong, L; Scales, N; Lumpkin, GR
2007Partitioning and leaching behavior of actinides and rare earth elements in a zirconolite-bearing hydrothermal vein systemPayne, TE; Gieré, R; Hart, KP; Lumpkin, GR; McGlinn, PJ
2014Peroxide defect formation in zirconate perovskitesMiddleburgh, SC; Karatchevtseva, I; Kennedy, BJ; Burr, PA; Zhang, ZM; Reynolds, EM; Grimes, RW; Lumpkin, GR
12-Nov-2021Perspectives on pyrochlores, defect fluorites, and related compounds: building blocks for chemical diversity and functionalityLumpkin, GR; Aughterson, RD
1-Jul-2004Physical stability and durability of heavy-ion irradiated crystalline zirconolite CaZrTh2O7 ceramic designed for minor actinide dispositionAdvocat, T; McGlinn, PJ; Smith, KL; Gosset, D; Rabiller, H; Zhang, ZM; Lumpkin, GR; Chaumont, J
8-Aug-2013Positron annihilation in off-stoichiometric and ta-doped Zn2TiO4Guagliardo, PR; Vance, ER; Lumpkin, GR; Blackford, MG; Sudarshan, K; Davis, J; Samarin, S; Williams, JF
1-May-1994Prediction of the long-term performance of crystalline nuclear waste form phases from studies of mineral analoguesLumpkin, GR; Smith, KL; Blackford, MG; McGlinn, PJ; Gieré, R; Williams, CT
1-Aug-1999Preferential association of adsorbed uranium with mineral surfaces: a study using analytical electron microscopyLumpkin, GR; Payne, TE; Fenton, BR; Waite, TD
1-Jan-2013Preferential formation of al self-interstitial defects in gamma-TiAl under irradiationVoskoboinikov, RE; Lumpkin, GR; Middleburgh, SC
1-Nov-2016Probing long- and short-range disorder in Y2Ti2–xHfxO7 by diffraction and spectroscopy techniquesZhang, ZM; Avdeev, M; de los Reyes, M; Lumpkin, GR; Kennedy, BJ; Blanchard, PER; Liu, S; Tadich, A; Cowie, BCC
9-Feb-1994Process optimization and characterization of Ni-Ge-Au ohmic contacts to n+ GaAs heterostructuresLumpkin, NE; Lumpkin, GR; Butcher, KSA
2-Apr-2022Profiling hot isostatically pressed canister–wasteform interaction for Pu-bearing zirconolite-rich wasteformsDayal, P; Farzana, R; Zhang, YJ; Lumpkin, GR; Holmes, R; Triani, G; Gregg, DJ
30-Jan-2013The pyrochlore to defect fluorite phase transition in Y2Sn2-xZrxO7de los Reyes, M; Whittle, KR; Zhang, ZM; Ashbrook, SE; Mitchell, MR; Jang, LY; Lumpkin, GR
1-Dec-2008Pyrochlore to fluorite transitions - ordering in fluorites?Whittle, KR; Cranswick, LMD; Redfern, SAT; Swainson, IP; Lumpkin, GR
7-Feb-2012Pyrochlore-defect fluorite phase transitions and stability in the Y2Sn2-xZrxO7 systemde los Reyes, M; Whittle, KR; Elliman, RG; Zaluzec, NJ; Ashbrook, SE; Mitchell, MR; Lumpkin, GR
2-Feb-2011Pyrochlore-fluorite transition in Y2Sn2-xZrxO7 - implications for stabilityde los Reyes, M; Whittle, KR; Mitchell, MR; Ashbrook, SE; Lumpkin, GR
29-Oct-2017Quantification of irradiation induced structural disorder in nuclear waste-form ceramics with μ-luminescence spectroscopy of lanthanidesLenz, C; Thorogood, GJ; Lumpkin, GR; Nasdala, L; Ionescu, M
5-Feb-2019The quantification of radiation damage in orthophosphates using confocal μ-luminescence spectroscopy of Nd3+Lenz, C; Thorogood, GJ; Aughterson, RD; Ionescu, M; Gregg, DJ; Davis, J; Lumpkin, GR