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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jan-2018Identifying the source of atmospheric moisture over arid deserts using stable isotopes (2H and 18O) in precipitationRao, WB; Zhang, WB; Yong, B; Tan, HB; Meredith, KT; Jin, K; Zheng, FW; Wang, S
Nov-2015Impacts of cave air ventilation and in-cave prior calcite precipitation on Golgotha Cave dripwater chemistry, southwest AustraliaTreble, PC; Fairchild, IJ; Griffiths, AD; Baker, AA; Meredith, KT; Wood, A; McGuire, E
1-Jan-2013The influence of groundwater/surface water exchange on stable isotopic signatures along the Darling River, NSW, AustraliaMeredith, KT; Hollins, SE; Hughes, CE; Cendón, DI; Stone, DJM
14-Dec-2017Insights in groundwater organic matter from liquid chromatography-organic carbon detectionRutlidge, H; Oudone, PP; McDonough, LK; Andersen, MS; Baker, AA; Meredith, KT; O'Carroll, DM
3-Dec-2009Investigation of surface-water/groundwater interactions using environmental isotopes (2H, 18O, 14C and 3H) in the Maules Creek Catchment, NSW, AustraliaAndersen, MS; McCallum, AM; Meredith, KT; Acworth, RI
26-Oct-2008Investigation of δ18O and δ2H in the Namoi River catchment—elucidating recharge sources and the extent of sur-face water/groundwater interactionAndersen, MS; Meredith, KT; Timms, W; Acworth, RI
25-Nov-2009Investigations of the impact on surface water/groundwater interactions using carbon-14McCallum, AM; Andersen, MS; Meredith, KT; Acworth, RI
Nov-2016Island groundwater resources, impacts of abstraction and a drying climate: Rottnest Island, Western AustraliaBryan, E; Meredith, KT; Baker, AA; Post, VEA; Andersen, MS
24-Aug-2020Isotope Development in the Australian SettingPaterson, AW; Meredith, KT; Hua, Q
30-Apr-2020Isotopic and chromatographic fingerprinting of the sources of dissolved organic carbon in a shallow coastal aquiferMeredith, KT; Baker, AA; Andersen, MS; O'Carroll, DM; Rutlidge, H; McDonough, LK; Oudone, PP; Bryan, E; Zainuddin, NS
Dec-2014Lignin degradation in a coastal groundwater aquifer: a useful tracer?Howley, EM; Jex, CN; Andersen, MS; Baker, AA; Zainuddin, NS; Meredith, KT; Wells, E; McDonald, J; Kham, S; Blyth, AJ; Spencer, RGM
1-May-2020Lithium and strontium isotope dynamics in a carbonate island aquifer, Rottnest Island, Western AustraliaMartin, AN; Meredith, KT; Norman, MD; Bryan, E; Baker, AA
1-Jul-2013The lithium, boron and strontium isotopic systematics of groundwaters from an arid aquifer system: implications for recharge and weathering processesMeredith, KT; Moriguti, T; Tomascak, P; Hollins, SE; Nakamura, E
19-Jan-2012Modelling evaporative losses from the Darling River during drought using δ2H and δ18OHughes, CE; Hollins, SE; Crawford, J; Meredith, KT; Cendón, DI
15-May-2020Multi-isotope studies investigating recharge and inter-aquifer connectivity in coal seam gas areas (Qld, NSW) and shale gas areas (NT)Suckow, A; Deslandes, A; Gerber, C; Lamontagne, S; Mallants, D; Davies, P; Taylor, A; Wilske, C; Smith, S; Raiber, M; Meredith, KT; Rachakonda, PK; Larcher, A; Wilkes, P; Prommer, H; Siade, A; Barrett, D
28-Nov-2017A multi-tracer approach to constraining artesian groundwater discharge into an alluvial aquiferIverach, CP; Cendón, DI; Meredith, KT; Wilcken, KM; Hankin, SI; Andersen, MS; Kelly, BFJ
7-Apr-2019Natural organic matter in goundwater: carbon source or sink?Rutlidge, H; McDonough, L; Oudone, PP; Andersen, MS; Baker, AA; Meredith, KT; O'Carroll, DM; Marjo, CE; Mustonen, O
17-Nov-2021The new Chronos 14carbon-Cycle Facility, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.Turney, C; Thomas, Z; Becerra-Valdivia, L; Palmer, JG; Haines, HA; Cadd, H; Wacker, L; Baker, AA; Andersen, MS; Jacobsen, GE; Meredith, KT; Chinu, K; Hiscock, W; Vohra, J; Marjo, CE
20-Apr-2022A new conceptual framework for the transformation of groundwater dissolved organic matterMcDonough, LK; Andersen, MS; Behnke, MI; Rutlidge, H; Oudone, PP; Meredith, KT; O'Carroll, DM; Santos, IR; Marjo, CE; Spencer, RGM; McKenna, AM; Baker, AA
15-Dec-2016A nine-year record of groundwater environmental tracer variations in a weathered sandstone plateau aquiferCendón, DI; Hankin, SI; Hughes, CE; Meredith, KT; Peterson, MA; Scheiber, L; Shimizu, Y