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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018Effect of cladding direction on residual stress distribution in laser cladded railsRoy, T; Paradowska, AM; Abrahams, R; Lai, Q; Law, M; Mutton, PJ; Soodi, M; Yan, W
15-Oct-2018Effect of deposition material and heat treatment on wear and rolling contact fatigue of laser cladded railsRoy, T; Lai, Q; Abrahams, R; Mutton, PJ; Paradowska, AM; Soodi, M; Yan, W
Jan-2022Effect of holding time on strain relaxation in high-strength low-alloy steel welds: an in-situ neutron diffraction approachAlipooramirabad, H; Paradowska, AM; Reid, M; Ghomaschi, R
7-Nov-2012Effect of sheet material properties on residual stress profile in self-pierce riveted jointHaque, R; Durandet, Y; Paradowska, AM
10-Jul-2016Effect of ultrasonic peening on fatigue crack propagation from a weld toeHellier, AK; Prusty, BG; Pearce, GM; Reid, M; Paradowska, AM
3-Jul-2016Effect of ultrasonic peening on residual stresses at a T-butt weld toeHellier, AK; Prusty, BG; Pearce, GM; Reid, M; Paradowska, AM; Simons, P
1-Jan-2014Effect of welding polarity on bead geometry, microstructure, microhardness, and residual stresses of 1020 steelAloraier, AS; Al-Fadhalah, K; Paradowska, AM; Alfaraj, E
1-Jun-2013Effects of ausforming temperature on bainite transformation, microstructure and variant selection in nanobainite steelGong, W; Tomota, Y; Adachi, Y; Paradowska, AM; Kelleher, JF; Zhang, SY
17-Jan-2018Effects of preheating and carbon dilution on material characteristics of laser-cladded hypereutectoid rail steelsLai, Q; Abrahams, R; Yan, W; Qiu, C; Mutton, PJ; Paradowska, AM; Fang, X; Soodi, M; Wu, X
19-Jul-2015Effects of welding process and heat input on residual stresses in multi-pass welds: application of neutron diffractionAlipooramirabad, H; Paradowska, AM; Gomashchi, R; Reid, M
22-Aug-2017Elastoplastic deformation and damage process in duplex steel studied using synchrotron and neutron diffractionZhao, YC; Joncour, LL; Baczmański, A; François, M; Wroński, S; Panicaud, B; Gadalińska, E; Braham, C; Buslaps, T; Paradowska, AM
28-Feb-2018Energy-resolved neutron imaging for reconstruction of strain introduced by cold workingTremsin, AS; Kockelmann, W; Kelleher, JF; Paradowska, AM; Ramadhan, RS; Fitzpatrick, ME
26-Mar-2019Energy-resolved neutron imaging options at a small angle neutron scattering instrument at the Australian Center for Neutron ScatteringTremsin, AS; Sokolova, AV; Salvemini, F; Luzin, V; Paradowska, AM; Muránsky, O; Kirkwood, HJ; Abbey, B; Wensrich, CM; Kisi, EH
1-Jul-2013Evaluation of residual stresses in electron-beam welded Zr2.5Nb0.9Hf Zircadyne flange mock-up of a reflector vessel beam tube flangeMuránsky, O; Holden, TM; Kirstein, O; James, JA; Paradowska, AM; Edwards, L
15-Aug-2019Evaluation of the mechanical properties of laser cladded hypereutectoid steel railsRoy, T; Abrahams, R; Paradowska, AM; Lai, Q; Mutton, PR; Soodi, M; Fasuhi, P; Yan, W
30-Nov-2021Evolution of residual stress through the processing stages in manufacturing of bore-chilled sand-cast aluminum engine blocks with pressed-in iron linersStroh, J; Sediako, D; Lombardi, A; Byczynski, G; Reid, M; Paradowska, AM
27-Nov-2017Experimental and modelling approaches to the determination of fatigue crack growth from a structural steel T-butt weld toeTanulia, V; Prusty, BG; Pearce, GM; Hellier, AK; Li, H; Reid, M; Paradowska, AM
3-Jul-2016Experimental investigation of welding stresses in MWIC weldability testAlipooramirabad, H; Paradowska, AM; Ghomashchi, R; Hoye, N; Reid, M
1-Jan-2017Finite element analysis of thermal cycle in laser cladding for railway repairLai, Q; Abrahams, R; Yan, W; Mutton, PJ; Qiu, C; Paradowska, AM; Soodi, M; Roy, T
1-Mar-2015Friction stir forming to fabricate copper–tungsten compositeAhuja, Y; Ibrahim, R; Paradowska, AM; Riley, D