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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018Material characteristics of laser-cladded hypereutectoid rail steelsLai, Q; Roy, T; Abrahams, R; Yan, W; Paradowska, AM; Qiu, C; Mutton, PJ; Soodi, M
9-Nov-2012Measurement of residual stresses in aluminothermic rail welds using neutron diffraction techniqueKhodabakhshi, B; Mutton, PJ; Paradowska, AM; Ibrahim, R
1-Feb-2014Measurement of residual stresses in aluminothermic rail welds using neutron diffraction techniqueKhodabakhshi, B; Paradowska, AM; Ibrahim, R; Mutton, PJ
9-Nov-2013Measurement of residual stresses in fabricated square high strength steel tubes using neutron diffraction methodMashiri, FR; Paradowska, AM; Uy, B; Tao, Z; Khan, M
Feb-2014Measurement of residual stresses in titanium aerospace components formed via additive manufacturingHoye, N; Li, HJ; Cuiuri, D; Paradowska, AM
14-Oct-2020Measuring residual strain and stress in thermal spray coatings using neutron diffractometersFaisal, NH; Ahmed, R; Prathuru, AK; Paradowska, AM; Lee, TL
2-Dec-2013Measuring residual stress in parts built using selective laser meltingSlingsby, T; Paradowska, AM; Law, M; Davies, C; Wu, X
1-Jan-2017Mechanical characterization of advanced welding processes applied to DH36 butt weldsLevieil, B; Paradowska, AM; Bridier, F; Sterjovski, Z; van Duin, S
31-Aug-2019Mechanical stress relaxation of a laser peened and shot peened Ni-based superalloyChin, KS; Idapalapati, S; Paradowska, AM; Reid, M; Shukla, S; Ardi, DT
15-Nov-2019Microstructure, abrasive wear and corrosion characterisation of laser metal deposited Fe-30Cr-6Mo-10Ni-2.2C alloySun, SD; Fabijanic, D; Annasamy, M; Gallo, SC; Fordyce, I; Paradowska, AM; Leary, M; Easton, M; Brandt, M
29-Jun-2012Modern and historical engineering components investigated by neutron diffractionon ENGIN-XParadowska, AM; Tremsin, A; Kelleher, JF; Zhang, SY; Paddea, S; Burca, G; James, JA; Ahmed, R; Faisal, NH; Festa, G; Andreani, C; Civita, F; Bouchard, PJ; Krockelman, W; Fitzpatrick, ME; Grazzi, F
27-Nov-2017Neutron diffraction based non-destructive techniques for integrity studies on copper-stainless steel hybrid composites fabricated by friction stir formingAhuja, Y; Abrahams, R; Paradowska, AM
2-Dec-2013Neutron diffraction measurements of residual stress in large scale componentsParadowska, AM
1-Jul-2012Neutron diffraction residual strain / stress measurementsParadowska, AM
1-Nov-2011Neutron diffraction residual strain measurements in nanostructured hydroxyapatite coatings for orthopaedic implantsAhmed, R; Faisal, NH; Paradowska, AM; Fitzpatrick, ME; Khor, KA
1-Nov-2018Neutron diffraction residual stress determinations on Intermetallic alloy components produced by wire-arc additive manufacturing (WAAM)Chen, S; Ma, Y; Li, HJ; Mark, R; Paradowska, AM
15-Nov-2012Neutron diffraction residual stress measurements of weldments for shipbuilding applicationShen, C; Paradowska, AM; Larkin, N; Li, H; Pan, Z; Law, M
10-Nov-2014Neutron diffraction residual stress measurements of welds made with pulsed tandem gas metal arc welding (PT-GMAW)Paradowska, AM; Larkin, N; Li, H; Pan, Z; Shen, C; Law, M
7-Jul-2017Neutron imaging applications on DINGO at OPALGarbe, U; Paradowska, AM; Salvemini, F
Nov-2018Neutron measurements for additively manufactured componentsChiu, L; Paradowska, AM; Wu, X