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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2007Radiometal complexes: characterization and relevant in vitro studiesJurisson, S; Cutler, CS; Smith, SV
Mar-2007Radiopharmacy and radiopharmaceuticals: 2007 updateZavitsanou, K; Nguyen, VH; Salvadori, PA; Salvadori, P; Smith, SV
22-Jan-2007Radiotracer studies of the antitumor metallocene molybdocene dichloride with biomoleculesCampbell, KS; Dillon, CT; Smith, SV; Harding, MM
1-Aug-2010The role of nuclear sensors and positrons for engineering nano and microtechnologiesSmith, SV
1-Aug-2010Role of positron annihilation lifetime studies and nuclear sensors for characterising porous materialsMume, E; Uedono, A; Mizunaga, G; Lynch, DE; Smith, SV
29-Apr-2007Sarar technology for the application of Copper-64 in biology and materials scienceSmith, SV
1-Aug-2010Study of porosity of synthetic polymer nanoparticles using PALSPham, B; Guagliardo, P; Williams, J; Samarin, S; Smith, SV
Mar-2006Surface-functionalized polymer nanoparticles for selective sequestering of heavy metalsBell, CA; Smith, SV; Whittaker, MR; Whittaker, AK; Gahan, LR; Monteiro, MJ
21-Jan-2010Synthesis and characterization of dual radiolabeled layered double hydroxide nanoparticles for use in in vitro and in vivo nanotoxicology studiesMusumeci, AW; Schiller, TL; Xu, ZP; Minchin, RF; Martin, DJ; Smith, SV
25-Jul-2005Technology evaluation: huN901-DM1 (ImmunoGen).Smith, SV
1-Jan-2011Understanding the effect of nanoporosity on optimizing the performance of self-healing materials for anti-corrosion applicationsSellaiyan, S; Smith, SV; Hughes, AE; Miller, A; Jenkins, DR; Uedono, A
Aug-2012Using x-ray tomography, PALS and Raman spectroscopy for characterization of inhibitors in epoxy coatingsHughes, AE; Mayo, SC; Yang, YS; Markley, T; Smith, SV; Sellaiyan, S; Uedono, A; Hardin, SG; Muster, TH
25-Jan-2010Wool powders used as sorbents to remove Co2+ ions from aqueous solutionWen, G; Naik, R; Cookson, PG; Smith, SV; Liu, XG; Wang, XG