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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jan-2013Geochemical indicators and diatoms as true markers of the inundation limit of the 2010 Maule TsunamiChagué-Goff, C; Goff, JR; Wong, HKY; Cisternas, M
17-Nov-2013Geochemical mapping of tsunami inundation : beyond the sandChagué-Goff, C; Wong, HKY; Goff, JR; Szczuciński, W; Gadd, PS; Cohen, DD
17-Nov-2013Geochemical methods in studies of recent and past environmental changesChagué-Goff, C; Wong, HKY; Gadd, PS; Cohen, DD; Cope, J
31-Jan-2012Holocene record of gradual, catastrophic and human influenced environmental change at Moashitu wetland, D'Urville Island, New ZealandCope, J; Chagué-Goff, C; Mooney, SD; Goff, JR; Zawadzki, A; Wong, HKY; Kilroy, C; Jacobsen, GE; Dominey-Howes, D
7-Jul-2014Holocene record of long- and short-term environmental changes in a coastal wetland, New ZealandChagué-Goff, C; Cope, J; Goff, JR; Mooney, SD; Kilroy, C; Wong, HKY; McFadgen, BG
15-Oct-2007The hydrochemical response of cave drip waters to sub-annual and inter-annual climate variability, Wombeyan Caves, SE AustraliaMcDonald, J; Drysdale, RN; Hill, DE; Chisari, R; Wong, HKY
25-Nov-2014Identification of sources and processes in a low-level radioactive waste site adjacent to landfills: groundwater hydrogeochemistry and isotopesCendón, DI; Hughes, CE; Harrison, JJ; Hankin, SI; Johansen, MP; Payne, TE; Wong, HKY; Rowling, B; Vine, M; Wilsher, KL; Guinea, A; Thiruvoth, S
Jul-2018Immobilization of iodine via copper iodideVance, ER; Grant, C; Karatchevtseva, I; Aly, Z; Stopic, A; Harrison, JJ; Thorogood, GJ; Wong, HKY; Gregg, DJ
15-Jan-2021Impact of salinity and carbonate saturation on stable Sr isotopes (δ88/86Sr) in a lagoon-estuarine systemShao, YX; Farkaš, J; Mosely, LM; Tyler, JJ; Wong, HKY; Chamberlayne, B; Raven, M; Samanta, M; Holmden, C; Gillanders, BG; Kolevica, A; Eisenhauer, A
27-Sep-2013Impact of tsunami inundation on soil salinsaltion - up to one year after the 2011 Tohoku-okitsunamiChagué-Goff, C; Wong, HKY; Sugawara, D; Goff, JR; Nishimura, Y; Beer, J; Szczuciński, W; Goto, K
1-Jan-2015Insights from geochemistry and diatoms to characterise a tsunami's deposit and maximum inundation limitChagué-Goff, C; Goff, JR; Wong, HKY; Cisternas, M
25-Jul-2013Interlaboratory study for coral Sr/Ca and other element/Ca ratio measurementsHathorne, EC; Gagnon, A; Felis, T; Adkins, J; Asami, R; Boer, W; Caillon, N; Case, D; Cobb, KM; Douville, E; deMenocal, P; Eisenhauer, A; Garbe-Schönberg, D; Geibert, W; Goldstein, S; Hughen, K; Inoue, M; Kawahata, H; Kölling, M; Cornec, FL; Linsley, BK; McGregor, HV; Montagna, P; Nurhati, IS; Quinn, TM; Raddatz, J; Rebaubier, H; Robinson, L; Sadekov, A; Sherrell, R; Sinclair, D; Tudhope, AW; Wei, GJ; Wong, HKY; Wu, HC; You, CF
6-Oct-2020Magnesium in subaqueous speleothems as a potential palaeotemperature proxyDrysdale, RN; Couchoud, I; Zanchetta, G; Isola, I; Regattieri, E; Hellstrom, JC; Govin, A; Tzedakis, PC; Ireland, T; Corrick, E; Grieg, A; Wong, HKY; Piccini, L; Holden, PJ; Woodhead, JD
6-Nov-2018Methods for the determination of U-238, Pu-239, Pu-240 and Am-241 from Little Forest Legacy Site (LFLS) groundwater using on-line SeaFast pre-concentration coupled to ICPMSRowling, B; Wong, HKY; Harrison, JJ; Wilsher, KL; Payne, TE
Jul-2014Nuclear forensic analysis of an unknown uranium ore concentrate sample seized in a criminal investigation in AustraliaKeegan, EA; Kristo, MJ; Colella, M; Robel, M; Williams, R; Lindvall, R; Eppich, G; Roberts, SK; Borg, L; Gaffney, AM; Plaue, J; Wong, HKY; Davis, J; Loi, E; Reinhard, MI; Hutcheon, I
1-Apr-2013Nuclear science and the story of a preserved leaf from a copy of the great bibleDodson, JR; Grierson, P; Bennett, JW; de Howard, SM; Wong, HKY
1-Nov-2019Partitioning of Mg, Sr, Ba and U into a subaqueous calcite speleothemDrysdale, RN; Zanchetta, G; Baneschi, I; Guidi, M; Isola, I; Couchoud, I; Piccini, L; Greig, A; Wong, HKY; Woodhead, JD; Regattieri, E; Corrick, E; Paul, B; Spötl, C; Denson, E; Gordon, J; Jaillet, S; Dux, F; Hellstrom, JC
Apr-2008The provenance of Australian uranium ore concentrates by elemental and isotopic analysisKeegan, EA; Richter, S; Kelly, I; Wong, HKY; Gadd, PS; Kuehn, H; Alonso-Munoz, A
24-Aug-2014Radionuclide bioaccumulation in trees at an Australian legacy low-level waste site: concentration patterns in branches and foliageWilsher, KL; Johansen, MP; Harrison, JJ; Payne, TE; Howitt, JA; Doran, G; Child, DP; Hotchkis, MAC; Thiruvoth, S; Mokhber-Shahin, L; Twining, JR; Vardanega, CR; Wong, HKY
16-Oct-2012Radionuclide bioaccumulation patterns in vegetation at a legacy low-level waste siteWilsher, KL; Johansen, MP; Howitt, JA; Doran, G; Twining, JR; Child, DP; Dodson, JR; Dore, MJ; Harrison, JJ; Hotchkis, MAC; Mokhber-Shahin, L; Payne, TE; Thiruvoth, S; Wong, HKY