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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Oct-2013Copper(II) coordination polymers of imdc− (H2imdc+ = the 1,3-bis(carboxymethyl)imidazolium cation): unusual sheet interpenetration and an unexpected single crystal-to-single crystal transformationAbrahams, BF; Maynard-Casely, HE; Robson, R; White, KF
9-Jun-2020The effect of sterically active ligand substituents on gas adsorption within a family of 3D Zn-based coordination polymersAbrahams, BF; Babarao, R; Dharma, AD; Holmes, JL; Hudson, TA; Maynard-Casely, HE; McGain, F; Robson, R; Waite, KF
5-Sep-2017Lattice response of the porous coordination framework Zn(hba) to guest adsorptionAuckett, JE; Dharma, AD; Cagnes, MP; Darwish, TA; Abrahams, BF; Barbarao, R; Hudson, TA; Robson, R; White, KF; Peterson, VK
29-Jul-2014Li+ and Ca2+ derivatives of the isonicotinate-n-oxide ion including single crystal-to-single crystal transformationsWhite, KF; Abrahams, BF; Maynard-Casely, HE; Robson, R
17-Aug-2009New family of ferric spin clusters incorporating redox-active ortho-dioxolene ligands.Mulyana, Y; Nafady, A; Mukherjee, A; Bircher, R; Moubaraki, B; Murray, KS; Bond, AM; Abrahams, BF; Boskovic, C
2-Feb-2019Square grid metal–chloranilate networks as robust host systems for guest sorptionKingsbury, CJ; Abrahams, BF; Auckett, JE; Chevreau, H; Dharma, AD; Duyker, SG; He, QL; Hua, C; Hudson, TA; Murray, KS; Phonsri, W; Peterson, VK; Robson, R; White, KF
6-Aug-2007Synthesis, structure and magnetic properties of a novel Tb4 spin cluster and synthesis of a Tb chainBircher, R; Abrahams, BF; Gudel, HU; Boskovic, C