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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Jul-201521Ne, 10Be and 26Al cosmogenic burial ages of near-surface eolian sand from the Packard Dune field, McMurdo Dry Valleys, AntarcticaFink, D; Augustinus, PC; Rhodes, E; Bristow, C; Balco, G
15-May-2005A cosmogenic nuclide chronology of the last glacial transition in North-West Nelson, New Zealand—new insights in Southern Hemisphere climate forcing during the last deglaciationShulmeister, J; Fink, D; Augustinus, PC
15-Dec-2020Development of a multi-method chronology spanning the last glacial interval from Orakei maar lake, Auckland, New ZealandPeti, L; Fitzsimmons, KE; Hopkins, JL; Nilsson, A; Fujioka, T; Fink, D; Mifsud, C; Christl, M; Muscheler, R; Augustinus, PC
10-Feb-2006Glacial chronologies across Southern Hemisphere latitudes during the past 30 ka and correlations to Antarctic ice coresFink, D; Williams, P; Augustinus, PC; Schulmeister, J
1-Feb-2010The glacial history of Tasmania from mid-pleistocene to the last glacial maximum – new challenges and new ideas for hemispheric glacial climate correlations.Fink, D; Augustinus, PC
29-Jun-2014Holocene environmental change in northern New Zealand: the view through the lens of Lake SpectacleAugustinus, PC; Horrocks, M; Munro, H; Gadd, PS; Linnell, T
10-Dec-2018Integrated age modelling of numerical, correlative and relative dating of a long lake sediment sequence from Orakei maar paleolake, Auckland, New ZealandPeti, L; Augustinus, PC; Woodward, C; Nilson, A
23-Jul-2019Itrax μ-XRF core scanning for rapid tephrostratigraphic analysis: a case study from the Auckland Volcanic Field maar lakesPeti, L; Gadd, PS; Hopkins, J; Augustinus, PC
Aug-2010Lithological and geochemical record of mining-induced changes in sediments from Macquarie Harbour, southwest Tasmania, Australia.Augustinus, PC; Barton, CE; Zawadzki, A; Harle, KJ
Nov-2013Lochnagar landslide-dam - Central Otago, New Zealand: geomechanics and timing of the eventSweeney, CG; Brideau, MA; Augustinus, PC; Fink, D
2-Feb-2018Managing land-use effects on Northland dune lakes: lessons from the pastStephens, T; Augustinus, PC; Rip, B; Gadd, PS; Zawadzki, A
9-Sep-2020A multi-proxy paleoenvironmental interpretation spanning the last glacial cycle (ca. 117 ± 8.5 ka BP) from a lake sediment stratigraphy from Lake Kai Iwi, Northland, New ZealandEvans, G; Augustinus, PC; Gadd, PS; Zawadzki, A; Ditchfield, A; Hopkins, J
1-Nov-2021A multi-proxy record of environmental change through the last 53,000 years recorded in the sediments of Lake Kanono, Northland, New ZealandEvans, G; Augustinus, PC; Gadd, PS; Zawadzki, A; Ditchfield, A; Shane, P
1-Dec-2019A multi-proxy μ-XRF inferred lake sediment record of environmental change spanning the last ca. 2230 years from Lake Kanono, Northland, New ZealandEvans, G; Augustinus, PC; Gadd, PS; Zawadzki, A; Ditchfield, A
10-Dec-2018Orakei maar paleolake (Auckland, NZ):A multi-method approach to the composite stratigraphy of a long sediment corePeti, L; Augustinus, PC; Woodward, C
15-Mar-2017Re-assessment of the mid to late Quaternary glacial and environmental history of the Boco Plain, western TasmaniaAugustinus, PC; Fink, D; Fletcher, MS; Thomas, I
15-May-2009Southern Hemisphere millennial glaciations during the past 30 ka driven by Antarctic ice sheet variabilityFink, D; Williams, P; Augustinus, PC; Schulmeister, J
4-Apr-2019Towards characterising rhyolitic tephra layers from New Zealand with rapid, non-destructive μ-XRF core scanningPeti, L; Augustinus, PC; Gadd, PS; Davies, S