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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2012Comprehensive numerical analysis of a three-pass bead-in-slot weld and its critical validation using neutron and synchrotron diffraction residual stress measurementsMuránsky, O; Smith, MC; Bendeich, PJ; Holden, TM; Luzin, V; Martins, RV; Edwards, L
Mar-2019Computational model development for additive manufacturing (AM) based laser cladding structural repairs of high strength metallic aerospace componentsWalker, K; Cooper, T; Muránsky, O; Bendeich, PJ
Jan-2011Crack initiation and crack growth assessment of a high pressure steam chestPayten, WM; Wei, T; Snowden, KU; Bendeich, PJ; Law, M; Charman, D
20-Aug-2010Energy-based approach for the evaluation of low cycle fatigue behaviour of 2.25Cr-1Mo steel at elevated temperatureCallaghan, MD; Humphries, SR; Law, M; Ho, M; Bendeich, PJ; Li, HJ; Yeung, WY
26-Aug-2009High temperature remaining life cost assessmentPayten, WM; Bendeich, PJ; Snowden, KU
15-Jul-2012The impact of axi-symmetric boundary conditions on predicted residual stress and shrinkage in a PWR nozzle dissimilar metal weldBendeich, PJ; Muránsky, O; Hamelin, CJ; Smith, MC; Edwards, L
27-Aug-2009Life assessment methodologies for high temperature branch piecesBendeich, PJ; Payten, WM
29-Nov-2016Neutrons for structural integrity applications of engineering componentsParadowska, AM; Garbe, U; Reid, M; Bendeich, PJ; Law, M
Aug-2014Numerical analysis of retained residual stresses in C(T) specimen extracted from a multi-pass austenitic weld and their effect on crack growthMuránsky, O; Smith, MC; Bendeich, PJ; Hosseinzadeh, F; Edwards, L
1-Jun-2012Numerical analysis of the effect of weld-induced residual stress and plastic damage on the ballistic performance of welded steel plateFlores-Johnson, EA; Muránsky, O; Hamelin, CJ; Bendeich, PJ; Edwards, L
26-Jul-2009Optimisation of mixed hardening material constitutive models for weld residual stress simulation using the NeT task group 1 single bead on plate benchmark problem.Smith, MC; Nadri, B; Smith, AC; Carr, DG; Bendeich, PJ; Edwards, L
15-Jul-2012Prediction and measurement of weld residual stresses in thermally aged girth-welded austenitic steel pipesMuránsky, O; Smith, MC; Bendeich, PJ; Hamelin, CJ; Edwards, L
1-Feb-2014Residual stresses in a welded zircaloy cold neutron source containment vesselBendeich, PJ; Luzin, V; Law, M
27-Nov-2006Residual stresses in Al7075 alloy laser cladded with Al-12Si alloy powderDurandet, Y; Bendeich, PJ; Ripley, MI; Liu, Q; Brandt, M
Nov-2014The role of plasticity theory on the predicted residual stress field of weld structuresMuránsky, O; Hamelin, CJ; Smith, MC; Bendeich, PJ; Edwards, L
26-Jul-2009Sensitivity of predicted weld residual stresses in the NeT task group 1 single bead on plate benchmark problem to finite element mesh design and heat source characteristicsBendeich, PJ; Smith, MC; Carr, DG; Edwards, L
25-Feb-2016Special testing equipment and validation of measurement methodologies for high temperature low cycle fatigue testing of miniature metallic specimensCallaghan, MD; Humphries, SR; Law, M; Bendeich, PJ; Yeung, WY
10-Feb-2011Synchrotron micro tomography reveals 3D shape of precipitates in cast magnesium alloyLiss, KD; Thibault, X; Li, HJ; Bendeich, PJ
Feb-2010Use of a simplified analytical expression for metastable thermal stress analysis and its application to creep-fatigue damage of a 2.25Cr 1Mo thick walled componentPayten, WM; Snowden, KU; Bendeich, PJ
7-Oct-2011Using advaced weld modelling to ensure the structural integrity of plant in the nuclear industryMuránsky, O; Bendeich, PJ; Smith, MC; Edwards, L