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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2000An analysis of molybdenum-99 expiry times in sodium pertechnetate derived from a dry-bed generatorBarnes, RK; Anderson, PJ; Stimson, D; Chapman, J; Druce, MJ
29-Jun-2007Detection of apoptotic cell death in the thymus of dexamethasone treated rats using [123I]Annexin V and in situ oligonucleotide ligationZavitsanou, K; Nguyen, VH; Greguric, I; Chapman, J; Ballantyne, P; Katsifis, A
1-Aug-2011A DNA-based assay for toxic chemicals in wastewaterForeman, AL; Philips, L; Kanellis, VG; Hammoudeh, D; Naumann, C; Wong, HKY; Chisari, R; Hibbert, DB; Lee, GSH; Patra, R; Julli, M; Chapman, J; Cooke, AR; dos Remedios, CG
26-Jul-2007Synthesis and evaluation of novel radioiodinated benzamides for malignant melanomaPham, TQ; Greguric, I; Liu, X; Berghofer, PJ; Ballantyne, P; Chapman, J; Mattner, F; Dikic, B; Jackson, TW; Loc'h, C; Katsifis, A
1-Oct-2008Synthesis and evaluation of novel radioiodinated nicotinamides for malignant melanomaLiu, X; Pham, TQ; Berghofer, PJ; Chapman, J; Greguric, I; Mitchell, P; Mattner, F; Loc'h, C; Katsifis, A
5-Jul-2019Towards sustainable environmental quality: priority research questions for the Australasian region of OceaniaGaw, S; Harford, A; Pettigrove, VJ; Sevicke-Jones, G; Manning, T; Ataria, J; Cresswell, T; Dafforn, KA; Leusch, FDL; Moggridge, B; Cameron, M; Chapman, J; Coates, G; Colville, A; Death, C; Hageman, K; Hassell, KL; Hoak, M; Gadd, JB; Jolley, DF; Karami, A; Kotzakoulakis, K; Lim, R; McRae, N; Metzeling, L; Mooney, T; Myers, J; Pearson, A; Saaristo, M; Sharley, D; Stuthe, J; Sutherland, O; Thomas, O; Tremblay, L; Wood, W; Boxall, ABA; Rudd, MA; Brooks, BW