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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-1977Assessment of the meteorological data and atmospheric dispersion estimates in the Ranger 1 uranium mining environmental impact statementClark, GH
Aug-1994Atmospheric tracer tests and assessment of a potential accident at the National Medical Cyclotron Camperdown, NSW, AustraliaClark, GH; Bartsch, FJK; Muller, HH; Stone, DJM
Jan-2000Data volume of atmospheric tracer studies at Lucas Heights, NSW, Australia -1996 to 1997Clark, GH; Stone, DJM; Pascoe, JH
Feb-1981Detailed meteorological interpretation of acoustic sounder records.Clark, GH; Bendun, EOK
Jun-1994General aspects of meteorology and wind flow patterns at the National Medical Cyclotron site Camperdown, NSW, Australia.Clark, GH; Bartsch, FJK
Sep-1981Meteorological and radiation measurements at Nabarlek, Northern Territory, June to July 1979Clark, GH; Davy, DR; Bendun, EOK; O'Brien, BG
Jul-1974Meteorological research studies at Jervis Bay, Australia.Clark, GH; Bendun, EOK
Jan-2000Methods for conduct of atmospheric tracer studies at ANSTO.Clark, GH; Stone, DJM; Pascoe, JH
1-Jul-2005Nuclear tools for characterising radiological dispersion in complex terrain: evaluation of regulatory and emergency response modelsWilliams, AG; Clark, GH; Dyer, LL; Barton, R
Sep-1989Revised radioactive airborne effluent discharge limit for the Lucas Heights Research LaboratoriesPetersen, MCE; Clark, GH; Bailey, GM; May, FG
Jul-1985Some atmospheric dispersion, wind and temperature statistics from Jervis Bay, Australian Capital Territory, 1972 to 1974Clark, GH
Oct-1985Some meteorological parameters for atmospheric dispersion modelling at Lucas Heights, NSW, Australia, 1975 to 1983Clark, GH
Sep-2002Stack monitoring at ANSTO and comparison with international guidelinesMukherjee, B; May, FG; Clark, GH
Jun-1997An updated analysis of the Lucas Heights climatology - 1975 to 1996Clark, GH
Dec-2003Updated analysis of the Lucas Heights climatology - 1991 to 2003Clark, GH