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Mar-1982Adaptation of a Freon-12 CHF correlation to apply for water in uniformly heated vertical tubes, Part 2 - based on CHF data for water pressures in the range 6-20 MPaGreen, WJ
Dec-1981Adaptation of a Freon-12 critical heat flux correlation to correlate water data from uniformly heated vertical tubes, Part I - based on critical heat flux data for water at pressures of 3 to 14 MPaGreen, WJ
Nov-1978An experimental and analytical study of transient heat transfer in the region of dryout for a heated tube using Freon-12 as coolant.Green, WJ
Dec-1981Investigation of critical heat fluxes in vertical tubes internally cooled by Freon-12, Part II - the development of a critical heat flux correlation for uniformly heated tubesGreen, WJ
Aug-1981Investigation of critical heat fluxes in vertical tubes internally cooled by Freon-12, Part I - critical heat flux experiments with axially uniform and non-uniform heating and comparisons of data with selected correlations.Green, WJ; Stevens, JR
Apr-1987Predicted HIFAR fuel element temperatures for postulated loss-of-coolant accidentsGreen, WJ
Sep-1977A sensitivity study of the heat transfer processes involved in a hot-leg rupture in a pressurised water-cooled systemGreen, WJ
Apr-1987Theoretical models to predict the transient heat transfer performance of HIFAR fuel elements under non-forced convective conditionsGreen, WJ
Apr-1981THETRAN - a two-dimensional heat transport code for analysis of power transientsGreen, WJ; Jacobs, WSV