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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-1990Acid drainage from waste rock dumps and mine sites (Australian and Scandinavia)Harries, JR
May-1996ANSTO's radioactive waste management policy: preliminary environmental reviewLevins, DM; Airey, PL; Breadner, B; Bull, PS; Camilleri, A; Dimitrovski, L; Gorman, T; Harries, JR; Innes, RW; Jarquin, E; Jay, G; Ridal, A; Smith, AM
Jul-1976The circulation of deep water in the Tasman and Coral SeasHarries, JR
Jan-1976Correlation and flux tilt measurements of coupled-core reactor assembliesHarries, JR
Jun-1980Deep circulation in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and its implication for the dumping of low-level radioactive wasteHarries, JR
Oct-1985Heat source probe for measuring thermal conductivity in waste rock dumps.Blackford, MG; Harries, JR
Dec-1978Inverse kinetics reactivity measurements on the materials testing reactor HIFAR.Harries, JR
Jan-1978Measurement of the dynamic response of the materials testing reactor HIFARHarries, JR; Wilson, DJ
2000Migration of Cs-137 and Co-60 in the Australian arid zonePayne, TE; Harries, JR; Itakura, T
21-May-1974The possible transmutation of radioactive waste from nuclear reactorsHarries, JR
Mar-1976The prompt neutron decay constant of the MOATA reactor and related coupled-core assembliesKnott, RB; Harries, JR
5-Nov-2001Radioactive waste management at ANSTO - managing current and historic wastesHarries, JR; Dimitrovski, L; Hart, KP; Levins, DM
Sep-1974The transmutation of radioactive reactor wasteHarries, JR