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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2019Biofilm-enhanced adsorption of strong and weak cations onto different microplastic sample types: use of spectroscopy, microscopy and radiotracer methodsJohansen, MP; Cresswell, T; Davis, J; Howard, DL; Howell, NR; Prentice, E
6-Nov-2018Characterisation of anthropogenic radioactive particles from former weapon test sites in AustraliaYoung, EL; Johansen, MP; Child, DP; Hotchkis, MAC; Howell, NR; Pastuovic, Z; Howard, DL; Palmer, T; Davis, J
25-Jan-2022Cultural heritage project at Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO)Salvemini, F; White, R; Levchenko, VA; Smith, AM; Pastuovic, Z; Stopic, A; Luzin, V; Tobin, MJ; Puskar, L; Howard, DL; Davis, J; Avdeev, M; Gatenby, S; Kim, MJ; Grazzi, F; Sheedy, K; Olsen, SR; Raymond, CA; Lord, C; Richards, C; Bevitt, JJ; Popelka-Filcoff, RS; Lenehan, CE; Ives, S; Dredge, P; Yip, A; Brookhouse, MT; Austin, AG
4-Feb-2016Direct imaging of endogenous biometal distributions within millimetre-scale organisms at micrometre resolution – x-ray fluorescence tomographyde Jonge, MD; Ruben, G; Mayo, SS; Ryan, CG; Kirkham, R; Howard, DL; Paterson, DJ
4-Feb-2016Geomaterials in the age of megapixel imagingBrugger, J; Etschmann, BE; Li, K; Michaut, P; Donner, E; Howard, DL
11-Nov-2018Palaeolithic cave art in BorneoAubert, M; Setiawan, P; Oktaviana, AA; Brumm, A; Sulistyarto, PH; Saptomo, EW; Istiawan, B; Ma'rifat, TA; Wahyuono, VN; Atmoko, FT; Zhao, JX; Huntley, J; Taçon, PSC; Howard, DL; Brand, HEA
26-Sep-2017Polycrystalline materials analysis using the Maia pixelated energy-dispersive x-ray area detectorKirkwood, HJ; De Jonge, MD; Howard, DL; Ryan, CG; van Riessen, G; Hofmann, F; Rowles, MR; Paradowska, AM; Abbey, B
14-Dec-2022Quantifiying the fire imprint in speleothem oxygen and carbon isotope recordsBaker, AA; Campbell, M; Treble, PC; Adler, L; McDonough, LK; Howard, DL
26-Nov-2019Research in art and archaeology: capabilities and investigations at the Australian SynchrotronBrand, HEA; Howard, DL; Huntley, J; Kappen, P; Masimenko, A; Paterson, DJ; Puskar, L; Tobin, MJ
1-Feb-2018Simultaneous X-ray diffraction, crystallography and fluorescence mapping using the Maia detectorKirkwood, HJ; de Jonge, MD; Muránsky, O; Hofmann, F; Howard, DL; Ryan, CG; van Riessen, G; Rowles, MR; Paradowska, AM; Abbey, B
18-Jul-2016Strontium mineralization of shark vertebraeRaoult, VV; Peddemors, VM; Zahra, D; Howell, NR; Howard, DL; de Jonge, MD; Williamson, JE
4-Feb-2016Studying biological coordination chemistry: a useful role for low latency, energy-dispersive photon counting XRF detectorsJames, S; de Jonge, MD; McColl, G; Burke, R; Paterson, DJ; Howard, DL; Hare, D