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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2016Accumulation of plutonium in mammalian wildlife tissues following dispersal by accidental-release testsJohansen, MP; Child, DP; Caffrey, EA; Harrison, JJ; Hotchkis, MAC; Payne, TE; Ikeda-Ohno, A; Thiruvoth, S; Beresford, NA; Twining, JR; Davis, E
1-Jul-2014Accumulation of plutonium in mammalian wildlife tissues: comparison of recent data with the ICRP distribution modelsJohansen, MP; Child, DP; Davis, E; Hotchkis, MAC; Payne, TE; Ikeda-Ohno, A; Twining, JR
9-Sep-2016Analysis of hot particle characteristics affecting environmental fate and interaction with living organismsJohansen, MP; Child, DP; Collins, RN; Hotchkis, MAC; Howell, NR; Payne, TE; Ikeda-Ohno, A; Mokhber-Shahin, L
28-Nov-2022Anthropogenic radionuclides persist in marine sediment at the Montebello Islands nuclear legacy site in Western AustraliaWilliams-Hoffman, M; Johansen, MP; Lavery, P; Thiruvoth, S; Serrano, O; Masqué, P
15-Jun-2012Assessing doses to terrestrial wildlife at a radioactive waste disposal site: Inter-comparison of modelling approachesJohansen, MP; Barnett, CL; Beresford, NA; Brown, JE; Černe, M; Howard, BJ; Kamboj, S; Keum, DK; Smodiš, B; Twining, JR; Vandenhove, H; Vives i Batlle, J; Wood, MD; Yu, C
6-Nov-2018Assessment of radioactive ‘Hot Particles’ and marine sediment plutonium and americium levels from the Montebello Islands, Western AustraliaHoffman, M; Johansen, MP; Cook, M; Howell, NR; Kleinschmidt, R; Clegg, JK
20-Sep-2009Assessment of radionuclide movement at an Australian legacy radioactive waste sitePayne, TE; Cendón, DI; Collins, RN; Hankin, SI; Harrison, JJ; Hughes, CE; Johansen, MP; Twining, JR; Waite, TD
31-Aug-2010Australian inputs into the IAEA EMRAS program: terrestrial animal concentration factors and the LFBG environmental dose assessment scenarioTwining, JR; Johansen, MP
8-Sep-2019Beryllium sorption to sandy soil at a legacy waste siteIslam, MR; Sanderson, P; Naidu, R; Johansen, MP; Payne, TE
15-Apr-2021Bioaccumulation kinetics and internal distribution of the fission products radiocaesium and radiostrontium in an estuarine crabCresswell, T; Prentice, E; Howell, NR; Callaghan, PD; Metian, M; Johansen, MP
1-Jul-2019Biofilm-enhanced adsorption of strong and weak cations onto different microplastic sample types: use of spectroscopy, microscopy and radiotracer methodsJohansen, MP; Cresswell, T; Davis, J; Howard, DL; Howell, NR; Prentice, E
17-Oct-2012Biota dose assessment for environmental radiotracer releases in aquatic environmentsHughes, CE; Johansen, MP; Wilson, RC; Copplestone, D; Vives i Batlle, J
1-Jun-2011Biotic, temporal and spatial variability of tritium concentrations in transpirate samples collected in the vicinity of a near-surface low-level nuclear waste disposal site and nearby research reactorTwining, JR; Hughes, CE; Harrison, JJ; Hankin, SI; Crawford, J; Johansen, MP; Dyer, LL
6-Nov-2018Challenges in the radiochemical separation of marine samples from the Montebello IslandsThiruvoth, S; Child, DP; Harrison, JJ; Johansen, MP; Silitonga, A; Vardanega, CR; Wilsher, KL; Wong, HKY
6-Nov-2018Characterisation of anthropogenic radioactive particles from former weapon test sites in AustraliaYoung, EL; Johansen, MP; Child, DP; Hotchkis, MAC; Howell, NR; Pastuovic, Z; Howard, DL; Palmer, T; Davis, J
23-Sep-2011Climate change and groundwaterHughes, CE; Cendón, DI; Johansen, MP; Meredith, KT
30-Nov-2022Decoding an unexpected mystery at the Montebello IslandsWilliams-Hoffman, M; Johansen, MP; Lavery, PL; Thiruvoth, S; Serrano, O; Masqué, P
6-Nov-2018Developing international radiological risk assessment tools for Australian arid environmentsPopelka-Filcoff, R; Pring, A; Pandelus, SB; Johns, SM; Tucker, W; Rossouw, D; Lenehan, CE; Hondros, J; Hirth, GA; Carpenter, JG; Johansen, MP; Payne, TE; Roberts, M; Levingstone, K; Tuft, K; Duff, A
10-Jul-2013Diet-tissue discrimination of δ13C and δ15N in freshwater crustaceanMazumder, D; Johansen, MP; Davis, E
1-Aug-2015Dietary ingestion of fine sediments and microalgae represent the dominant route of exposure and metal accumulation for Sydney rock oyster (Saccostrea glomerata): a biokinetic model for zincLee, JH; Birch, GF; Cresswell, T; Johansen, MP; Adams, MS; Simpson, SL