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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-199841Ca, 26Al, and 10Be in lunar basalt 74275 and 10Be in the double drive tube 74002/74001Fink, D; Klein, J; Middleton, R; Vogt, S; Herzog, GF; Reedy, RC
May-1997Complex exposure histories for meteorites with “short” exposure agesHerzog, GF; Vogt, S; Albrecht, A; Xue, S; Fink, D; Klein, J; Middleton, R; Weber, H; Schultz, L
28-Jan-2011Cosmic-ray exposure history of the Norton County enstatite achondriteHerzog, GF; Albrecht, A; Ma, P; Fink, D; Klein, J; Middleton, R; Bogard, DD; Nyquist, LE; Shih, CY; Garrison, DH; Reese, Y; Masarik, J; Reedy, RC; Rugel, G; Faestermann, T; Korschinek, G
1-May-1997Depth profile of 41Ca in an Apollo 15 drill core and the low energy neutron flux in the MoonNishiizumi, K; Fink, D; Klein, J; Middleton, R; Masarik, J; Reedy, RC; Arnold, JR
Mar-1996Exposure history of the Torino meteoriteWieler, R; Graf, T; Signer, P; Vogt, S; Herzog, GF; Tuniz, C; Fink, D; Fifield, LK; Klein, J; Middleton, R; Jull, AJT; Pellas, P; Masarik, J; Dreibus, G
Aug-2000Light noble gases and cosmogenic radionuclides in Estherville, Budulan and other mesosiderites: Implications for exposure histories and production ratesAlbrecht, A; Schnabel, C; Vogt, S; Xue, S; Herzog, GF; Begemann, F; Weber, H; Middleton, R; Fink, D; Klein, J
25-May-1995Neutron-capture 36Cl, 41Ca, 36Ar, and 150Sm in large chondrites: evidence for high fluences of thermalized neutronsBogard, DD; Nyquist, LE; Bansal, BM; Garrison, DH; Wiesmann, H; Herzog, GF; Albrecht, A; Vogt, S; Klein, J
Oct-1994Tissue disposition of 26aluminum in rats measured by accelerator mass spectrometryWalker, VR; Sutton, RA; Meirav, O; Sossi, V; Johnson, R; Klein, J; Fink, D; Middleton, RJ