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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2010Alumina template-assisted electrodeposition of Bi2Te2.7Se0.3 nanowire arraysLi, XL; Cai, KF; Li, H; Yu, DH; Wang, X; Wang, HF
1-Oct-2019Correlated migration invokes higher Na+‐ion conductivity in NaSICON‐type solid electrolytesZhang, ZZ; Zou, Z; Kaup, K; Xiao, RJ; Shi, S; Avdeev, M; Hu, YS; Wang, D; He, B; Li, H; Huang, XY; Nazar, LF; Chen, LQ
8-Nov-2019Coupled cation–anion dynamics enhances cation mobility in room-temperature superionic solid-state electrolytesZhang, ZZ; Roy, PN; Li, H; Avdeev, M; Nazar, LF
2-Nov-2013Development of a DC-LSND welding process for GMAW on DH-36 steelParadowska, AM; Law, M; Larkin, N; Holder, R; Li, H; Kuzmikova, L; Pan, Z; Norrish, J; Shen, C
1-Jun-2022Effects of heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of wire arc additively manufactured Hastelloy C276 alloyQiu, Z; Wu, B; Zhu, H; Wang, Z; Wexler, D; Van Duin, S; Pan, Z; Li, H
Sep-2021Evaluation on nuclear emergency response strategies in the Asia-Pacific regionLi, F; Wang, J; Li, H; Hu, Q; Dan, WX; Ge, LQ; Cohen, DD
27-Nov-2017Experimental and modelling approaches to the determination of fatigue crack growth from a structural steel T-butt weld toeTanulia, V; Prusty, BG; Pearce, GM; Hellier, AK; Li, H; Reid, M; Paradowska, AM
15-Nov-2012Neutron diffraction residual stress measurements of weldments for shipbuilding applicationShen, C; Paradowska, AM; Larkin, N; Li, H; Pan, Z; Law, M
10-Nov-2014Neutron diffraction residual stress measurements of welds made with pulsed tandem gas metal arc welding (PT-GMAW)Paradowska, AM; Larkin, N; Li, H; Pan, Z; Shen, C; Law, M
Jun-2008Preparation and thermoelectric properties of AgPbmSbSem+2 materialsCai, KF; He, XR; Avdeev, M; Yu, DH; Cui, JL; Li, H
Nov-2018Residual stress effects on fatigue crack growth from a T-butt weld toeHellier, AK; Li, H; Prusty, BG; Pearce, GM; Reid, M; Paradowska, AM
3-Jul-2016Residual stress study of Al/Al laminates processed by accumulative roll bondingSu, L; Lu, C; Li, H; Luzin, V; Wang, H; Tieu, K
2-Dec-2013Residual stresses in titanium aerospace components formed via additive manufactureHoye, N; Li, H; Cuiuri, D; Paradowska, AM
18-Feb-2010Synthesis and thermoelectric properties of single crystalline and polycrystalline Ba8Ga16Ge30Wang, HF; Cai, KF; Li, H; Yu, DH; Wang, XC; Zhou, CW; Li, XL; Wang, YY; An, BJ; Du, Y