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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Feb-2016Direct imaging of endogenous biometal distributions within millimetre-scale organisms at micrometre resolution – x-ray fluorescence tomographyde Jonge, MD; Ruben, G; Mayo, SS; Ryan, CG; Kirkham, R; Howard, DL; Paterson, DJ
18-Dec-2015Mechanisms of murine cerebral malaria: multimodal imaging of altered cerebral metabolism and protein oxidation at hemorrhage sitesHackett, MJ; Aitken, JB; El-Assaad, F; McQuillan, JA; Carter, EA; Ball, HJ; Tobin, MJ; Paterson, DJ; de Jonge, MD; Siegele, R; Cohen, DD; Vogt, S; Grau, GE; Hunt, NH; Lay, PA
Jul-2008Microspectroscopy beamline at the Australian synchrotron: design and capabilitiesPaterson, DJ; de Jonge, MD; McKinlay, J; Ryan, CG; Cohen, DD
5-Dec-2019Nickel exchange between aqueous Ni(II) and deep-sea ferromanganese nodules and crustsHens, T; Brugger, J; Etschmann, BE; Paterson, DJ; Brand, HEA; Whitworth, AJ; Frierdich, AJ
26-Nov-2019Research in art and archaeology: capabilities and investigations at the Australian SynchrotronBrand, HEA; Howard, DL; Huntley, J; Kappen, P; Masimenko, A; Paterson, DJ; Puskar, L; Tobin, MJ
4-Feb-2016Studying biological coordination chemistry: a useful role for low latency, energy-dispersive photon counting XRF detectorsJames, S; de Jonge, MD; McColl, G; Burke, R; Paterson, DJ; Howard, DL; Hare, D
15-Feb-2022Ubiquitous karst hydrological control on speleothem oxygen isotope variability in a global studyTreble, PC; Baker, AA; Abram, NJ; Hellstrom, JC; Crawford, J; Gagan, MK; Borsato, A; Griffiths, AD; Bajo, P; Markowska, M; Priestley, SC; Hankin, SI; Paterson, DJ