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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1977AUS diffusion module POW checkout - 1- and 2-dimensional kinetics calculationsPollard, JP
Apr-1987AUS diffusion neutronics module - POW3D : a mathematical descriptionBarry, JM; Pollard, JP
Feb-1974AUS module pow - a general purpose 0,1 and 2D, multigroup neutron diffusion code including feedback-free kineticsPollard, JP
Oct-1967Calculation methods for multigroup neutron cross sections used in burnup studiesPollard, JP
Nov-1965Function arising from second order approximations to the effective resonance integralMcKay, MH; Pollard, JP
Mar-1966GYMEA - a nuclide depletion, space independent, multigroup neutron diffusion, data preparation codePollard, JP; Robinson, GS
Dec-1986An implicit iterative scheme for solving large systems of linear equationsBarry, JM; Pollard, JP
Jan-1974A mathematician's computer study of the reactor MOATABarry, JM; Clancy, BE; Gilbert, CP; McCulloch, DB; Pollard, JP; Sanger, PL
Aug-1986MED-records: an add database of AAEC medical records since 1966Barry, JM; Pollard, JP; Tucker, AD
Dec-1963MULGA - a complex of codes for the determination of multigroup averaged neutron cross section dataClancy, BE; Doherty, G; Keane, A; Kletzmayr, EK; Pollard, JP
Dec-1972Numerical mathematics and Fortran. Reactor physics, mathematics and computers summer school for teachersPollard, JP
Jan-1972Numerical mathematics and Fortran. Reactor physics, mathematics and computers summer school, January 1972Pollard, JP
Aug-1964PEAS - a resonance absorption programmePollard, JP
Nov-1996POW3D - neutron diffusion module of the AUS system: a user's manualHarrington, BV; Pollard, JP; Barry, JM
Jan-1978SKAN - a free input labelled output variable dimensioning routine for the IBM360 computerPollard, JP
Oct-1961Slowing-down spectra of neutrons in heavy water and light water mixturesDuncan, ME; Hines, KC; Pollard, JP
Nov-1960Spectrum calculations for neutrons slowing down by elastic collisionsPollard, JP
Nov-1986Subroutine MLTGRD a multigrid algorithm based on multiplicative correction and implicit non-stationary iterationBarry, JM; Pollard, JP
Aug-1968Subroutine SOK: iterative solution of linear equations by the method of averaging functional correctionsPollard, JP
Dec-1978Summer School 1978 simulation in science with mathematics and computersPollard, JP