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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Sep-2015A comprehensive picture of the current rate dependence of the structural evolution of P2-Na2/3Fe2/3Mn1/3O2Sharma, N; Han, MH; Pramudita, JC; Gonzalo, E; Brand, HEA; Rojo, T
1-Mar-2017Correlating cycling history with structural evolution in commercial 26650 batteries using in operando neutron powder diffractionGoonetilleke, D; Pramudita, JC; Hagan, M; Al Bahri, OK; Pang, WK; Peterson, VK; Groot, J; Berg, H; Sharma, N
2-May-2015Graphene and selected derivatives as negative electrodes in sodium- and lithium-ion batteriesPramudita, JC; Pontiroli, D; Magnani, G; Gaboardi, M; Riccò, M; Milanese, C; Brand, HEA; Sharma, N
9-Nov-2016Moisture exposed layered oxide electrodes as Na-ion battery cathodesHan, MH; Sharma, N; Gonzalo, E; Pramudita, JC; Brand, HEA; López del Amo, JM; Rojo, T
4-Sep-2017Potassium-ion intercalation in graphite within a potassium-ion battery examined using in situ x-ray diffractionPramudita, JC; Peterson, VK; Kimpton, JA; Sharma, N
2-Oct-2018Rate and composition dependence on the structural–electrochemical relationships in P2–Na2/3Fe1–yMnyO2 positive electrodes for sodium-ion batteriesDose, WM; Sharma, N; Pramudita, JC; Avdeev, M; Gonzalo, E; Rojo, T
23-Jul-2014Sodium uptake in cell construction and subsequent in operando electrode behaviour of Prussian blue analogues, Fe[Fe(CN)6]1−x·yH2O and FeCo(CN)6Pramudita, JC; Schmid, S; Godfrey, T; Whittle, T; Alam, AKMM; Hanley, TL; Brand, HEA; Sharma, N
4-Aug-2017Structure–electrochemical evolution of a Mn-rich P2 Na 2/3 Fe 0.2 Mn 0.8 O2 Na-ion battery cathodeDose, WM; Sharma, N; Pramudita, JC; Brand, HEA; Gonzalo, E; Rojo, T
17-Aug-2015The unique structural evolution of the O3-phase Na2/3Fe2/3Mn1/3O2 during high rate charge/discharge: a sodium-centred perspectiveSharma, N; Gonzalo, E; Pramudita, JC; Han, MH; Brand, HEA; Hart, JN; Pang, WK; Guo, ZP; Rojo, T
4-Nov-2014Using in situ synchrotron x-ray diffraction to study lithium- and sodium-ion batteries: A case study with an unconventional battery electrode (Gd2TiO5)Pramudita, JC; Aughterson, RD; Dose, WM; Donne, SW; Brand, HEA; Sharma, N
29-Nov-2016Using neutron-based techniques to investigate battery behaviourPramudita, JC; Goonetilleke, D; Peterson, VK; Sharma, N