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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-19913d diffusion calculations of HIFAR including the coarse control arms and their burnupRobinson, GS
May-1979Approximate first collision probabilities for neutrons in cylindrical and cluster latticesRobinson, GS
Dec-1975AUS - the Australian modular scheme for reactor neutronics computationsRobinson, GS
Dec-1975AUS burnup module char and the associated status data poolRobinson, GS
Jul-1977AUS module MIRANDA - a data preparation code based on multiregion resonance theoryRobinson, GS
Jul-1998AUS98 - the 1998 version of the AUS modular neutronics code systemRobinson, GS; Harrington, BV
Mar-1986CHAR and BURNMAC - burnup modules of the AUS neutronics code systemRobinson, GS
Aug-1985A comparison of neutron resonance absorption in thermal reactor lattices in the AUS neutronics code system with Monte Carlo calculationsRobinson, GS
Mar-1986EDITAR: a module for reaction rate editing and cross-section averaging within the AUS neutronics code systemRobinson, GS
Mar-1984Extension of the AUS reactor neutronics system for application to fusion blanket neutronics.Robinson, GS
Dec-1993Generation and validation of a cross section library based on ENDF/B-VI for the AUS neutronics code system.Robinson, GS
Apr-1987A guide to the AUS modular neutronics code system.Robinson, GS
Mar-1966GYMEA - a nuclide depletion, space independent, multigroup neutron diffusion, data preparation codePollard, JP; Robinson, GS
Oct-1985ICPP - a collision probability module for the AUS neutronics code system.Robinson, GS
Sep-1985MCRP - a Monte Carlo resonance program for neutrons slowing down in single rod and rod cluster lattices.Doherty, G; Robinson, GS
Dec-1985MIRANDA - module based on multiregion resonance theory for generating cross sections within the AUS neutronics code system.Robinson, GS
Jun-1985Neutronics study of reduced enrichment fuel for the HIFAR research reactorHarrington, BV; Robinson, GS
Jul-1979A reactor physics survey of water moderated, uranium-aluminium plate fuelled research reactors for a range of uranium enrichmentRobinson, GS
1-Dec-1993The science and engineering of HIFAR safetyConnolly, JW; Clancy, BE; Beattie, DRH; Robinson, GS; Godfrey, RM; Harrington, BV