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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Oct-2019Elucidating stygofaunal trophic web interactions via isotopic ecologySaccò, M; Blyth, AJ; Humphreys, WF; Kuhl, A; Mazumder, D; Smith, C; Grice, KT
20-Apr-2019New light in the dark - a proposed multidisciplinary framework for studying functional ecology of groundwater faunaSaccò, M; Blyth, AJ; Bateman, PW; Hua, Q; Mazumder, D; White, NE; Humphreys, WF; Laini, A; Griebler, C; Grice, K
12-Feb-2021Rainfall as a trigger of ecological cascade effects in an Australian groundwater ecosystemSaccò, M; Blyth, AJ; Humphreys, WF; Cooper, SJB; White, NE; Mousavi-Derazmahalleh, M; Hua, Q; Mazumder, D; Smith, C; Griebler, C; Grice, K
20-Jul-2020Refining trophic dynamics through multi-factor Bayesian mixing models: a case study of subterranean beetlesSaccò, M; Blyth, AJ; Humphreys, WF; Cooper, SJB; Austin, AD; Hyde, J; Mazumder, D; Hua, Q; White, NE; Grice, K
19-Jul-2021Salt to conserve: a review on the ecology and preservation of hypersaline ecosystemsSaccò, M; White, NE; Harrod, C; Salazar, G; Aguilar, P; Cubillos, CF; Meredith, KT; Baxter, BK; Oren, A; Anufriieva, E; Shadrin, N; Marambio-Alfaro, Y; Bravo-Naranjo, V; Allentoft, ME
16-Sep-2019Stygofaunal community trends along varied rainfall conditions: deciphering ecological niche dynamics of a shallow calcrete in Western AustraliaSaccò, M; Blyth, AJ; Humphreys, WF; Karasiewicz, S; Meredith, KT; Laini, A; Cooper, SJB; Bateman, PW; Grice, K
28-Aug-2020Tracking down carbon inputs underground from an arid zone Australian calcreteSaccò, M; Blyth, AJ; Humphreys, WF; Middleton, JA; White, NE; Campbell, M; Mousavi-Derazmahalleh, M; Laini, A; Hua, Q; Meredith, KT; Cooper, SJB; Griebler, C; Allard, S; Grierson, P; Grice, K
24-Nov-2019What’s going on down (under) there? Unravelling biochemical flows under differential rainfall periods in a Western Australian calcreteSaccò, M; Blyth, AJ; Meredith, KT; Smith, C; Hua, Q; Mazumder, D; Humphreys, WF; White, N; Grice, K