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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Oct-2010Artificially modulated chemical order in thin films: a different approach to create ferro/antiferromagnetic interfacesSaerbeck, T; Klose, F; Lott, D; Mankey, GJ; Lu, Z; LeClair, PR; Schmidt, W; Stampfl, APJ; Danilkin, SA; Yethiraj, M; Schreyer, A
26-Feb-2014Intrinsic reduction of the ordered 4f magnetic moments in semiconducting rare-earth nitride thin films: DyN, ErN, and HoNCortie, DL; Brown, JD; Brück, S; Saerbeck, T; Evans, JP; Fritzsche, H; Wang, XL; Downes, JE; Klose, F
11-Mar-2011The multipurpose time-of-flight neutron reflectometer "Platypus" at Australia's OPAL reactorJames, M; Nelson, A; Holt, SA; Saerbeck, T; Hamilton, WA; Klose, F
3-Feb-2010A new approach to the creation of magnetically modulated structuresSaerbeck, T; Klose, F; Lott, D; Mankey, GJ; Lu, Z; LeClair, PR; Stampfl, APJ; Danilkin, SA; Yethiraj, M; Schreyer, A
5-Feb-2009Onset of biquadratic coupling in Co/CuMn multilayers studied with polarised neutron reflectivityLoh, NA; Saerbeck, T; Ali, M; Lott, D; Stampfl, APJ; Hickey, BJ; Toperverg, BP; Mulders, AM; Stamps, RL; Klose, F
1-Aug-2012Polarization "down under": the polarized time-of-flight neutron reflectometer PLATYPUSSaerbeck, T; Klose, F; Le Brun, AP; Füzi, J; Brûlé, A; Nelson, A; Holt, SA; James, M
2-Feb-2012Polarized neutron reflectometry of rare-earth nitride thin filmsBrück, S; Cortie, DL; Brown, J; Saerbeck, T; Ulrich, C; Klose, F; Downes, J
12-Sep-2011Spatial fluctuations of loose spin coupling in CuMn/Co multilayersSaerbeck, T; Loh, NA; Lott, D; Toperverg, BP; Mulders, AM; Rodriguez, AF; Freeland, JW; Ali, M; Hickey, BJ; Stampfl, APJ; Klose, F; Stamps, RL
2-Feb-2011Studying multiferroic BiFeO3 and ferromagnetic La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 tunnel junctions with Raman spectroscopy and neutron scattering techniquesBertinshaw, J; Saerbeck, T; Nelson, A; James, M; Nagarajan, V; Klose, F; Ulrich, C
1-Jan-2013Tailoring exchange bias through chemical order in epitaxial FePt3 filmsSaerbeck, T; Zhu, HL; Lott, D; Lee, H; LeClair, PR; Mankey, GJ; Stampfl, APJ; Klose, F
5-Feb-2010Temperature dependent biquadratic exchange coupling in Co/Cu (0.94)Mn(0.06) multilayersSaerbeck, T; Loh, NA; Ali, M; Hickey, BJ; Lott, D; Toperverg, BP; Mulders, AM; Stampfl, APJ; Klose, F; Stamps, RL
23-Apr-2013Time-of-flight polarized neutron reflectometry on PLATYPUS: status and future developmentsSaerbeck, T; Cortie, DL; Brück, S; Bertinshaw, J; Holt, SA; Nelson, A; James, M; Lee, WT; Klose, F