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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jun-2015Design, synthesis and preliminary evaluation of 18F-labelled 1,8-naphthyridin- and quinolin-2-one-3-carboxamide derivatives for PET imaging of CB2 cannabinoid receptorSaccomanni, G; Pascali, G; Del Carlo, S; Panetta, D; De Simone, M; Bertini, S; Burchielli, S; Digiacomo, M; Macchia, M; Manera, C; Salvadori, PA
Feb-2014Hardware and software modifications on the Advion NanoTek microfluidic platform to extend flexibility for radiochemical synthesisPascali, G; Berton, A; DeSimone, M; Wyatt, NA; Matesic, L; Greguric, I; Salvadori, PA
24-Aug-2014Identification of chemical byproducts in the radiofluorination of structurally complex aryliodonium saltsPascali, G; Del Carlo, S; Rocchiccioli, S; Signore, G; Saccomanni, G; Manera, C; Macchia, M; Salvadori, PA
1-Aug-2013Microfluidics in radiopharmaceutical chemistryPascali, G; Watts, P; Salvadori, PA
31-Jul-2014Optimization of nucleophilic 18F radiofluorinations using a microfluidic reaction approachPascali, G; Matesic, L; Collier, TL; Wyatt, NA; Fraser, BH; Pham, TQ; Salvadori, PA; Gueguric, I
8-Mar-2013Purification of 2-[18F]fluoro-2-deoxy-d-glucose by on-chip solid-phase extractionTarn, MD; Pascali, G; De Leonardis, F; Watts, P; Salvadori, PA; Pamme, N
25-Mar-2013Radiochemistry on chip: towards dose-on-demand synthesis of PET radiopharmaceuticalsArima, V; Pascali, G; Lade, O; Kretschmer, HR; Bernsdorf, I; Hammond, V; Watts, P; De Leonardis, F; Tarn, MD; Pamme, N; Cvetkovic, BJ; Ditrrich, PS; Vasovic, N; Duane, R; Jaksic, A; Zacheo, A; Zizzari, A; Marra, L; Perrone, E; Salvadori, PA; Rinaldi, R
Mar-2007Radiopharmacy and radiopharmaceuticals: 2007 updateZavitsanou, K; Nguyen, VH; Salvadori, PA; Salvadori, P; Smith, SV
1-Jul-2014Tolerance of water in microfluidic radiofluorinations: a potential methodological shift?Pascali, G; De Simone, M; Matesic, L; Greguric, I; Salvadori, PA