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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2021Characterisation of a well-type NaI(T1) detector by means of a Monte Carlo simulation for radionuclide metrology applicationHeranudin, H; Smith, ML; van Wyngaardt, WM; Guatelli, S; Li, E; Rosenfeld, AB
Jun-2008Comparison of LaBr3 : Ce and LaCl3 : Ce with NaI(Tl) and cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) detectorsAlexiev, D; Mo, L; Prokopovich, DA; Smith, ML; Matuchova, M
15-Mar-2009Comparison of photoexcited p-InAs THz radiation source with conventional thermal radiation sourcesSmith, ML; Mendis, R; Vickers, REM; Lewis, RA
Apr-2018Development of the Australian standard for germanium-68 by two liquid scintillation counting methodsvan Wyngaardt, WM; Smith, ML; Jackson, TW; Howe, B; Tobin, SM; Reinhard, MI
1-May-2008Evaluation of lead shielding for a gamma-spectroscopy systemSmith, ML; Bignell, LJ; Alexiev, D; Mo, L; Harrison, JJ
Dec-2008Monte Carlo simulation of a Au-198 thin foil: the response of a 4πβ-γ detectorBignell, LJ; Mo, L; Smith, ML; Alexiev, D; Hashemi-Nezhad, SR
10-Dec-2018Post-LGM evolution of the lower Ord River, WA, constrained by luminescence and cosmogenic radionuclide datingSmith, ML; McPherson, AA; Cupper, ML; Fuijoka, T; Wilcken, KM
Feb-2020Primary standardisation of technetium-99m by liquid scintillation coincidence countingvan Wyngaardt, WM; Tobin, SM; Lee, S; Smith, ML; Jackson, TW; Ilter, J; Howe, B; Sarbutt, A
Apr-2018Results of an international comparison of activity measurements of 68GeCessna, JT; Fitzgerald, R; Zimmerman, BE; Laureano-Pérez, L; Bergeron, DE; van Wyngaardt, WM; Smith, ML; Jackson, TW; Howe, B; da Silva, CJ; Iwahara, A; da Cruz, PAL; Zhang, M; Liu, H; Liang, JC; Fréchou, C; Bobin, C; Cassette, P; Kossert, K; Nähle, O; Marganiec-Gałązka, J; Joseph, L; Ravindra, A; Kulkarni, DN; Yunoki, A; Sato, Y; Lee, KB; Lee, JM; Agusbudiman, A; Dziel, T; Listkowska, A; Tymiński, Z; Sahagia, M; Antohe, A; Ioan, MR; Luca, A; Krivosek, M; Ometakova, J; Javornik, A; Zalesakova, M; García-Toraño Martinez, E; Roteta, M; Mejuto, M; Nedjadi, Y; Juget, F; Yuan, MC; Yeh, CY; Yeltepe, E; Dirican, A; Keightley, JD; Pearce, AK
Sep-2002Review of Ge detectors for gamma spectroscopyAlexiev, D; Reinhard, MI; Mo, L; Rosenfeld, AB; Smith, ML
10-Sep-2009Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of the simulation of 123I and 54Mn decay in liquid scintillation vialsBignell, LJ; Mo, L; Smith, ML; Steele, T; Alexiev, D; Hashemi-Nezhad, SR
Feb-2010Sipping test: checking for failure of fuel elements at the OPAL ReactorSmith, ML; Bignell, LJ; Alexiev, D; Mo, L