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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-1983An attempt to detect electrochemical doping of silicon with arsenic by Rutherford backscattering analysisTavendale, AJ; Lawson, EM
Apr-1973The behaviour of high purity semiconductor surface-barrier nuclear radiation detectors at low temperaturesLawson, EM; Tavendale, AJ
Sep-1984Deep level transient conductance spectrometer for high resistivity semiconductors using a marginal oscillator detector.Alexiev, D; Tavendale, AJ
Jan-1981Deep level transient spectroscopy of n-GaAs surface barrier diodes for nuclear radiation detectionPearton, SJ; Alexiev, D; Tavendale, AJ; Williams, AA
Dec-1980Deep level transient spectroscopy of y-ray induced defects in germaniumPearton, SJ; Williams, AA; Tavendale, AJ
Apr-1983Hydrogenation of deep-level hole-trapping centres associated with grain boundaries in germanium.Tavendale, AJ; Pearton, SJ
Nov-1970A large volume, multi-element Ge(Li) spectrometerLawson, EM; Tavendale, AJ; Dawson, AC
Aug-1988Lithium compensation of GaAs.Alexiev, D; Tavendale, AJ
1982The nature of the Ev + 0.23 eV and Ev + 0.38 eV gamma-induced centres in Ge.Pearton, SJ; Tavendale, AJ
Feb-1971The operation near liquid helium temperature of a gold-barrier hyper-pure germanium detector for gamma-raysLawson, EM; Tavendale, AJ
Nov-1970Restoration of lithium driftability in some vacuum-grown germanium crystals for gamma-ray detectorsTavendale, AJ
Sep-1980Transient capacitance measurements of deep level defects introduced in y-ray compensated germanium by long-term annealing at room temperaturePearton, SJ; Williams, AA; Tavendale, AJ; Lawson, EM
Dec-1980Transient conductance spectroscopy measurements of defect states in y-irradiated n-channel silicon field effect transistors with possible y-dosemeter applicationsPearton, SJ; Tavendale, AJ; Williams, AA