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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jun-2009Cave atmosphere; a guide to calcification and a methane sinkWaring, CL; Griffith, DWT; Wilson, SR; Hurry, S
Mar-2021Cave radon exposure, dose, dynamics and mitigationWaring, CL; Hankin, SI; Solomon, SB; Long, S; Yule, A; Blackley, R; Werczynski, S; Baker, AC
26-May-2013A cost comparison of soil C measurement methodsWaring, CL; Whelan, B
3-Dec-2009Discrete interval sampling investigations into the relationship between upland swamps and siltstone aquitards within the Hawkesbury Sandstone, Sydney BasinPeterson, MA; Mitry, WH; Waring, CL
Apr-2003Groundwater response to heavy precipitation.Waring, CL; Bradd, J; Hankin, SI
7-Jul-2014How weather and climate influences speleothem growth and paleo-climate isotopic recordsWaring, CL; Hankin, SI
3-Mar-2014Is percent ‘projected natural vegetation soil carbon’ a useful indicator of soil condition?Waring, CL; Stockmann, U; Malone, BP; Whelan, B; McBratney, AB
13-Dec-2006An isotopic approach to hydrological mass balance in the Nattai river catchment (SE, NSW), 2. Rain, groundwater and stream sulfate 35S, δ34S, δ18O, Δ17O.Waring, CL; Lee, G; Collins, E; Hankin, SI; Cendón, DI
27-Nov-2007Mine subsidence induced hydraulic connection tested by geochemical and geophysical tracing techniques.Waring, CL; Peterson, MA
5-Dec-2006New methods of mass spectrometry based on an Electron Cyclotron Resonance ion sourceHotchkis, MAC; Josh, M; Waring, CL; Wei, T
16-Aug-2017Seasonal total methane depletion in limestone cavesWaring, CL; Hankin, SI; Griffith, DWT; Kertesz, MA; Kobylski, V; Wilson, NL; Coleman, NV; Kettlewell, G; Zlot, R; Bosse, M; Bell, G
May-2008Use of multiply charged atomic ions for isotope ratio mass spectrometryHotchkis, MAC; Button, D; Waring, CL
30-Jul-2006Use of stable isotopes in Sydney catchment process and water quality studiesHughes, CE; Mazumder, D; Gibson, JJ; Szymczak, R; Cendón, DI; Hollins, SE; Waring, CL
1-Apr-2011Using the 14C bomb pulse to date young speleothemsHodge, E; McDonald, J; Fischer, MJ; Redwood, D; Hua, Q; Levchenko, VA; Drysdale, RN; Waring, CL; Fink, D