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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-1972Analogue studies of power transients produced by reactivity changes in the materials testing reactor HIFAR loaded with MK III 150 gram fuel elementsWilson, DJ
Dec-1973A comparison between experimentally determined flow instability thresholds and calculations using the computer code toscleWilson, DJ
Mar-1988Correcting the error in neutron moisture probe measurements caused by a water density gradientWilson, DJ
Aug-1988The error introduced into a water density measurement due to the presence of a water density gradient.Wilson, DJ
Dec-1984Investigation of the response of a neutron moisture meter using a multigroup, two-dimensional diffusion theory code.Ritchie, AIM; Wilson, DJ
4-Feb-2016Low pressure synchrotron x-ray powder diffraction of Cu5-xMxSbO6 (M=Cr, Mn, W)Wilson, DJ; Söhnel, T; Smith, KL; Brand, HEA; Ulrich, C; Graham, PJ; Chang, FF; Allison, MC; Vyborna, NH
Jan-1978Measurement of the dynamic response of the materials testing reactor HIFARHarries, JR; Wilson, DJ
Apr-1987Neutron moisture probes: the minimum error attainable.Wilson, DJ
Aug-1983Reduced enrichment fuel and its reactivity effects in the university training Reactor MOATAWilson, DJ
18-Feb-2009Single-crystal structure of HoBaCo4O7 at ambient conditions, at low temperature, and at high pressureJuarez-Arellano, EA; Friedrich, A; Wilson, DJ; Wiehl, L; Morgenroth, W; Winkler, B; Avdeev, M; Macquart, RB; Ling, CD
Apr-1973TWIST - a numerical technique for calculating the steady-state mass fraction variation in an axi-symmetric binary gas mixture subjected to pressure gradientsSpinks, N; Wilson, DJ
Apr-1982The use of thorium as an alternative nuclear fuelWilson, DJ