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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Nov-2021Antiphase dynamics between cold-based glaciers in the Dry Valleys region and ice extent in the Ross Sea, Antarctica during MIS 5Anderson, JTH; Fink, D; Fujioka, T; Wilson, GS; Wilcken, KM; Abramov, A; Demidov, N
5-Dec-2017Cosmogenic nuclides constrain surface fluctuations of an East Antarctic outlet glacier since the PlioceneJones, JS; Norton, KP; Mackintosh, AN; Anderson, JTH; Kubik, P; Vockenhuber, C; Wittmann, H; Fink, D; Wilson, GS; Golledge, NR; McKay, RM
26-Nov-2009Defining past volume of grounded ice in the Ross SeaLilly, K; Wilson, GS; Fink, D; Levy, R; Mifsud, C
1-Jun-2020Ice surface lowering of Skelton Glacier, Transantarctic Mountains, since the Last Glacial Maximum: implications for retreat of grounded ice in the western Ross SeaAnderson, JTH; Wilson, GS; Jones, RS; Fink, D; Fujioka, T
14-Dec-2017Late glacial and Holocene climate change in the subantarctic Auckland IslandsGilmer, G; Moy, CM; Vandergoes, MJ; Gadd, PS; Riesselman, CR; Jacobsen, GE; Wilson, GS; Visinand, C
1-Feb-2021Late Pleistocene and Holocene climate and environmental evolution of a subantarctic fjord ingression basin in the southwest PacificGreer, G; Moy, CM; Riesselman, CR; Vandergoes, MJ; Jacobsen, GE; Gorman, AR; Tidey, EJ; Wilson, GS
1-Feb-2017Reconciling marine and terrestrial evidence for post LGM ice sheet retreat in southern McMurdo Sound, AntarcticaAnderson, JTH; Wilson, GS; Fink, D; Lilly, K; Levy, RH; Townsend, D