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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jun-2011Carboxylic acid-directed clustering and dispersion of ZrO2 nanoparticles in organic solvents: a study by small-angle x-ray/neutron scattering and NMRWang, SH; Sun, YS; Chiang, AST; Hung, HF; Chen, MC; Wood, K
4-Feb-2016Complementarity of SANS,TEM and APT for the study of NbC and MnS precipitates in a direct strip cast steelDorin, T; Wood, K; Stanford, N; Taylor, A; Hodgson, PD
3-Jul-2012Dynamical coupling of intrinsically disordered proteins and their hydration water: comparison with folded soluble and membrane proteinsGallat, FX; Laganowsky, A; Wood, K; Gabel, F; van Eijck, L; Wuttke, J; Moulin, M; Härtlein, M; Eisenberg, D; Colletier, JP; Zaccai, G; Weik, M
4-Jun-2013Guanidine hydrochloride denaturation of dopamine-induced α-synuclein oligomers: a small-angle x-ray scattering studyPham, CLL; Kirby, N; Wood, K; Ryan, T; Roberts, B; Sokolova, AV; Barnham, KJ; Masters, CL; Knott, RB; Cappai, R; Curtain, CC; Rekas, A
4-Feb-2016Investigate the effect of molybdenum on precipitation in coiled strip cast niobium steels using correlative microscopyJiang, L; Dorin, T; Marceau, RKW; Wood, K; Hodgson, P; Stanford, N
29-Nov-2016Kinetic small angle neutron scattering to study large biomolecular complexesInoue, R; Wood, K; Sugiyama, M
1-Oct-2013Learning about SANS instruments and data reduction from round robin measurements on samples of polystyrene latexRennie, AR; Hellsing, MS; Wood, K; Gilbert, EP; Porcar, L; Schweins, R; Dewhurst, CD; Lindner, P; Heenan, RK; Rogers, SE; Butler, PD; Krzywon, JR; Ghosh, RE; Jackson, AJ; Malfois, M
14-Apr-2010Low-temperature inflection observed in neutron scattering measurements of proteins is due to methyl rotation: direct evidence using isotope labeling and molecular dynamics simulationsWood, K; Tobias, DJ; Kessler, B; Gabel, F; Oesterhelt, D; Mulder, FAA; Zaccai, G; Weik, M
4-Feb-2014Polarised neutrons for materials sciences research at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO)Lee, WT; Studer, AJ; Rule, KC; Danilkin, SA; Yu, DH; Mole, RA; Kennedy, SJ; Gilbert, EP; Wood, K; Klose, F; D'Adam, T
1-Jan-2013Protein surface and core dynamics show concerted hydration-dependent activationWood, K; Gallat, FX; Otten, R; van Heel, AJ; Lethier, M; van Eijck, L; Moulin, M; Haertlein, M; Weik, M; Mulder, FAA
12-Jul-2017QUOKKA - 40 metre reactor based monochromatic small angle neutron scattering instrumentGarvey, CJ; Gilbert, EP; Mata, JP; Wood, K; Wu, CM
29-Nov-2016Quokka, the pinhole small angle neutron scattering instrument, at OPALGilbert, EP; Wood, K; Garvey, CJ; Mata, JP; Wu, CM
12-Jul-2017Scientific highlights from QUOKKA, 40m pinhole small angle neutron scattering (SANS) instrumentMata, JP; Wood, K; Wu, CM; Garvey, CJ; Gilbert, EP
29-Nov-2016Scientific highlights from Quokka, the pinhole small angle neutron scattering instrument, at OPALGilbert, EP; Wood, K; Garvey, CJ; Mata, JP; Wu, CM
2-Oct-2014Small-angle scattering as a tool to study the thermal denaturation of DNAWood, K; Knott, RB; Tonchev, O; Angelov, D; Theodorakopoulos, N; Peyrard, M
18-Jun-2014Temperature- and pH-responsive micelles with collapsible poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) headgroupsFitzGerald, PA; Gupta, S; Wood, K; Perrier, S; Warr, GG