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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Dec-2017COARSEMAP: synthesis of observations and models for coarse-mode aerosolsWiedinmyer, C; Lihavainen, H; Mahowald, NM; Alastuey, A; Albani, S; Artaxo, P; Bergametti, G; Batterman, S; Brahney, J; Duce, RA; Feng, Y; Buck, C; Ginoux, PA; Chen, Y; Guieu, C; Cohen, DD; Hand, JL; Harrison, RM; Herut, B; Ito, A; Losno, R; Gomez, D; Kanakidou, M; Landing, WM; Laurent, B; Mihalopoulos, N; Mackey, K; Maenhaut, W; Heuglin, C; Milando, C; Miller, RL; Myriokefaitakis, S; Neff, JC; Pandolfi, M; Paytan, A; Pérez, CGP; Prank, M; Prospero, JM; Tamburo, E; Varrica, D; Wong, MY; Zhang, Y
21-Nov-2019Dopant distribution in co-free high-energy layered cathode materialsMu, L; Zhang, R; Kan, WH; Zhang, Y; Li, LX; Kuai, C; Zydlewski, B; Rahman, MM; Sun, CJ; Sainio, S; Avdeev, M; Nordlund, D; Xin, HL; Lin, F
28-Feb-2014Electric-field-induced phase transitions in co-doped Pb(Zr1−xTix)O3 at the morphotropic phase boundaryFranzbach, DJ; Seo, YH; Studer, AJ; Zhang, Y; Glaum, J; Daniels, JE; Bencan, A; Malic, B; Webber, KG
1-Dec-2016Investigating the cytotoxicity of platinum(II) complexes incorporating bidentate pyridyl-1,2,3-triazole “click” ligandsPages, BJ; Sakoff, J; Gilbert, J; Zhang, Y; Li, F; Preston, D; Crowley, JD; Aldrich-Wright, JR
12-Oct-2015Modeling the global emission, transport and deposition of trace elements associated with mineral dust.Zhang, Y; Mahowald, N; Scanza, RA; Journet, E; Desboeufs, K; Albani, S; Kok, JF; Zhuang, G; Chen, Y; Cohen, DD; Paytan, A; Patey, MD; Achterberg, EP; Engelbrecht, JP; Fomba, KW
16-Oct-2019An ordered P2/P3 composite layered oxide cathode with long cycle life in sodium-ion batteriesRahman, MM; Mao, J; Kan, WH; Sun, CJ; Li, LX; Zhang, Y; Avdeev, M; Du, XW; Lin, F
23-May-2016Self-assembly of a unique 3d/4f heterometallic square prismatic box-like coordination cageLi, L; Zhang, Y; Avdeev, M; Lindoy, LF; Harman, DG; Zheng, RK; Cheng, Z; Aldrich-Wright, JR; Li, F
11-Apr-2019Surface characterization of Li-substituted compositionally heterogeneous NaLi0.045Cu0.185Fe0.265Mn0.505O2 sodium-ion cathode materialRahman, MM; Zhang, Y; Xia, S; Kan, WH; Avdeev, M; Mu, L; Sokaras, D; Kroll, T; Du, XW; Nordlund, D; Liu, Y; Lin, F
6-May-2015Synthesis and characterisation of two new tripodal metalloligands incorporating zinc(II)Fanna, DJ; Smith, A; Zhang, Y; Li, L; Shepherd, ND; Harman, DG; Li, F