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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Apr-2020Bulk and surface properties regulation of single/double perovskites to realize enhanced oxygen evolution reactivitySun, HS; Hu, B; Guan, DQ; Hu, ZW; Fei, LS; Li, MR; Peterson, VK; Lin, HJ; Chen, CT; Ran, R; Zhou, W; Shao, ZP
11-Nov-2015A comparative study of SrCo0.8Nb0.2O3−δ and SrCo0.8Ta0.2O3−δ as low-temperature solid oxide fuel cell cathodes: effect of non-geometry factors on the oxygen reduction reactionLi, MR; Zhou, W; Peterson, VK; Zhao, MW; Zhu, ZH
31-Jul-2019Enhancing oxygen reduction reaction activity and CO2 tolerance of cathode for low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells by in situ formation of carbonatesRehman, AU; Li, MR; Knibbe, R; Khan, MS; Peterson, VK; Brand, HEA; Li, ZH; Zhou, W; Zhu, ZH
17-Jun-2021High-performance perovskite composite electrocatalysts enabled by controllable interface engineeringXu, XM; Pan, YL; Ge, L; Chen, YB; Mao, X; Guan, DQ; Li, MR; Zhong, YJ; Hu, ZW; Peterson, VK; Saunders, M; Chen, CT; Zhang, HJ; Ran, R; Du, AJ; Jiang, SP; Zhou, W; Shao, ZP
3-May-2010Metal-organic frameworks with exceptionally high methane uptake: where and how is methane stored?Wu, H; Simmons, JM; Liu, Y; Brown, CM; Wang, XS; Ma, S; Peterson, VK; Southon, PD; Kepert, CJ; Zhou, HC; Yildirim, T; Zhou, W
3-Jan-2017A niobium and tantalum co-doped perovskite cathode for solid oxide fuel cells operating below 500 °CLi, MR; Zhao, MW; Li, F; Zhou, W; Peterson, VK; Xu, XY; Shao, ZP; Gentle, IR; Zhu, ZH