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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Aug-2013Further geological and palaeoanthropological investigations at the Maludong hominin site, Yunnan Province, Southwest ChinaJi, X; Curnoe, D; Bao, Z; Herries, AIR; Fink, D; Zhu, Y; Hellstrom, JC; Luo, Y; Tacon, PSC
28-Feb-2017In operando neutron diffraction study of the temperature and current rate-dependent phase evolution of LiFePO4 in a commercial batterySharma, N; Yu, DH; Zhu, Y; Wu, Y; Peterson, VK
29-Nov-2016An in vitro model to investigate the interactions between antimicrobial peptides and the outer membrane of gram-negative pathogensHan, ML; Shen, HH; Zhu, Y; Le Brun, AP; Holt, SA; Roberts, K; Song, JN; Cooper, MA; Moskowitz, SM; Velkov, T; Li, J
4-Feb-2020Increase of the stability range of the skyrmion phase in doped Cu2OSeO3Sauceda Flores, JA; Rov, R; Camacho, L; Spasovski, M; Vella, J; Yick, S; Gilbert, EP; Han, MG; Zhu, Y; Seidel, J; Kharkov, Y; Sushkov, OP; Söhnel, T; Ulrich, C
7-Nov-2012Lithium position and occupancy fluctuations in a cathode during charge/discharge cycling of lithium-ion batterySharma, N; Yu, DH; Zhu, Y; Wu, Y; Peterson, VK
12-Mar-2013Non-equilibrium structural evolution of the lithium-rich Li1+yMn2O4 cathode within a batterySharma, N; Yu, DH; Zhu, Y; Wu, Y; Peterson, VK
28-Nov-2017Polymyxin-induced lipid A deacylation in pseudomonas aeruginosa perturbs polymyxin penetration and confers high-level resistanceHan, ML; Velkov, T; Zhu, Y; Roberts, KD; Le Brun, AP; Chow, SH; Gutu, AD; Moskowitz, SM; Shen, HH; Li, J