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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Nov-2007Ageing management program of Kartini reactor for safe operationNitiswati, S; Syarip, S; Tjiptono, TW; Stathers, PA; Thorogood, KJ; Belvins, RJ
16-Oct-2012Identification and quantification of 233U at a legacy waste siteHarrison, JJ; Child, DP; Hotchkis, MAC; Payne, TE; Thiruvoth, S; Wilsher, KL
29-Apr-2002Synthesis and evaluation of radioiodinated ligands for the study of peripheral benzodiazepine receptors using SPECTKatsifis, A; Mattner, F; Mardon, K; Dikic, B; Papazian, V; Greguric, I
25-Nov-2008Method development for tritium measurements and initial evaluation of tritium data for tree transpirate from a legacy waste site in eastern AustraliaTwining, JR; Creighton, NM; Harrison, JJ; Hoffmann, EL; Neklapilova, B; Vine, M
5-Aug-2012Sea level change over the past 2500 years from northeastern AustraliaLewis, SE; Wust, RAJ; Webster, JM; Collins, J; Wright, SA; Jacobsen, GE
9-Feb-2015Characterization of complex carbide–silicide precipitates in a Ni–Cr–Mo–Fe–Si alloy modified by weldingBhattacharyya, D; Davis, J; Drew, M; Harrison, RP; Edwards, L
28-Nov-2022Anthropogenic radionuclides persist in marine sediment at the Montebello Islands nuclear legacy site in Western AustraliaWilliams-Hoffman, M; Johansen, MP; Lavery, P; Thiruvoth, S; Serrano, O; Masqué, P
23-Nov-2022Migration of 239, 240PU and 233U from a low-level radioactive waste siteHarrison, JJ; Payne, TE; Child, DP; Hotchkis, MAC; Johansen, MP; Thiruvoth, S; Zawadzki, A
20-Nov-2022Establishing a radioanalytical capability to support cyclotron decomissioningThiruvoth, S; Harrison, JJ; Bedwell-Wilson, J; Cunynghame, T; Martiniello, J; Mokhber-Shahin, L; Silitonga, A
14-Dec-2022Quantifiying the fire imprint in speleothem oxygen and carbon isotope recordsBaker, AA; Campbell, M; Treble, PC; Adler, L; McDonough, LK; Howard, DL
13-Dec-2022Clumped isotope analysis of Central Australian carbonates: a potential palaeoclimate proxy for Australia’s arid interiorNixon, F; Tyler, JJ; Priestley, S; Cohen, TJ; Klaebe, RM; Crossey, LJ; Karlstrom, KE; Polak, VJ; Asmerom, Y; Love, AJ; Hua, Q; Wade, B; Pollard, T; Drysdale, R; Hall, PA
16-Dec-2022Using measurements of atmospheric 14CO in a global network to improve understanding of OH spatial and temporal variability.Petrenko, VV; Crosier, EM; Smith, AM; Yang, B; Scholer, M; McCrea, K; Murray, LT; Colton, A; Thomas, B; Talamoa, G; Musick, R; Schaefer, H; Moss, RC; Spain, G; Yann, H; Hernandez, P; Blades, E; Chewitt-Lucas, RM; Kazemi, R; Stock, MP
11-Dec-2017The effect of microbial activity and adsorption processes on groundwater dissolved organic carbon character and concentrationMcDonough, LK; Oudone, PP; Rutlidge, H; Meredith, KT; O'Carroll, DM; Andersen, MS; Baker, AA
19-Nov-2020Electron beam weld modelling of ferritic steel: effect of prior-austenite grain size on transformation kineticsVasileiou, AN; Hamelin, CJ; Smith, MC; Francis, JA; Sun, YL; Flint, TF; Xiong, Q; Akrivos, V
14-Aug-2019Thermally sprayed inconel 625 coating on 304 stainless steel: a neutron diffraction stress analysisOladigo, OP; Luzin, V; Ntsoane, TP
15-Jul-2012Prediction and measurement of weld residual stresses in thermally aged girth-welded austenitic steel pipesMuránsky, O; Smith, MC; Bendeich, PJ; Hamelin, CJ; Edwards, L
14-Jul-2015Keynote: Modelling the quasi-static and high-strain rate deformation behaviour of magnesium alloy AZ31Proust, G; Li, L; Flores-Johnson, EA; Shen, LM; Muránsky, O
4-Feb-2016Investigate the effect of molybdenum on precipitation in coiled strip cast niobium steels using correlative microscopyJiang, L; Dorin, T; Marceau, RKW; Wood, K; Hodgson, P; Stanford, N
4-Feb-2016Direct imaging of endogenous biometal distributions within millimetre-scale organisms at micrometre resolution – x-ray fluorescence tomographyde Jonge, MD; Ruben, G; Mayo, SS; Ryan, CG; Kirkham, R; Howard, DL; Paterson, DJ
4-Feb-2016Microtomography applications at the Imaging and Medical beamline of the Australioan Synchrotron (Sic)Maksimenko, A; Acres, R; Hall, C; Häusermann, D; Stevenson, AW; Livingston, J; Pearson, J
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1820