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Title: Disposal options for high level nuclear waste
Authors: Reeve, KD
Keywords: Radioactive wastes
Radioactive waste disposal
Radioactive waste management
Waste forms
Solid wastes
Synthetic rocks
Underground disposal
Issue Date: 18-Jan-1982
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: Reeve, K. D. (1982). Disposal options for high level nuclear waste. Paper presented at the Australian Drilling Association's Symposium on 'Drilling and the Environment', Newcastle, New South Wales, 18-20 January, 1982.
Abstract: The options for the management/disposal of high level nuclear waste are discussed; it is concluded that irretrievable disposal of solidified waste is a likely end step in all disposal schemes. Disposal will probably be either in mined repositories or in deep drill holes. Two solidified waste forms - borosilicate glass and SYNROC - are considered in some detail. It is concluded that SYNROC would provide a higher level of assurance of radionuclide retention in both disposal concepts. Deep drill-hole disposal using SYNROC is an attractive concept which should be given increased attention.
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