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Title: Magnetic structure of the S=1/2 quasi-two-dimensional square-lattice Heisenberg antiferromagnet Sr2CuTeO6
Authors: Koga, T
Kurita, N
Avdeev, M
Danilkin, SA
Sato, TJ
Tanaka, H
Keywords: Neutron diffraction
Phase diagrams
Crystal structure
Phase transformations
Issue Date: 26-Feb-2016
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Koga, T., Kurita, N., Avdeev, M., Danilkin, S., Sato, T. J., & Tanaka, H. (2016) Magnetic structure of the S=1/2 quasi-two-dimensional square-lattice Heisenberg antiferromagnet Sr2CuTeO6. Physical Review B, 93(5), 054426. doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.93.054426
Abstract: The magnetic structure of the double perovskite compound Sr2CuTeO6 was determined from neutron powder diffraction data. This material is magnetically described as an S=1/2 quasi-two-dimensional square-lattice Heisenberg model with antiferromagnetic nearest-neighbor and next-nearest-neighbor interactions. Sr2CuTeO6 undergoes a magnetic phase transition at TN≃29 K. The spin structure below TN is Néel antiferromagnetic on the square lattice, which means that the nearest-neighbor interaction (J1) is stronger than the next-nearest-neighbor interaction (J2), in contrast to other isostructural compounds such as Ba2CuWO6 and Sr2CuWO6, for which |J1|<|J2| is realized. ©2016 American Physical Society
ISSN: 2469-9969
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