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Title: Energy-resolved neutron imaging options at a small angle neutron scattering instrument at the Australian Center for Neutron Scattering
Authors: Tremsin, AS
Sokolova, AV
Salvemini, F
Luzin, V
Paradowska, AM
Muránsky, O
Kirkwood, HJ
Abbey, B
Wensrich, CM
Kisi, EH
Keywords: Small angle scattering
Nondestructive testing
Materials testing
Particle beams
Issue Date: 26-Mar-2019
Publisher: AIP Publishing
Citation: Tremsin, A. S., Sokolova, A. V., Salvemini, F., Luzin, V., Paradowska, A., Muransky, O., Kirkwood, H. J., Abbey, B., Wensrich, C. M., & Kisi, E. H. (2019). Energy-resolved neutron imaging options at a small angle neutron scattering instrument at the Australian Center for Neutron Scattering. Review of Scientific Instruments, 90(3), 035114. doi:10.1063/1.5081909
Abstract: Energy-resolved neutron imaging experiments conducted on the Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) instrument, Bilby, demonstrate how the capabilities of this instrument can be enhanced by a relatively simple addition of a compact neutron counting detector. Together with possible SANS sample surveying and location of the region of interest, this instrument is attractive for many imaging applications. In particular, the combination of the cold spectrum of the neutron beam and its pulsed nature enables unique non-destructive studies of the internal structure for samples that are opaque to other more traditional techniques. In addition to conventional white beam neutron radiography, we conducted energy-resolved imaging experiments capable of resolving features related to microstructure in crystalline materials with a spatial resolution down to ∼0.1 mm. The optimized settings for the beamline configuration were determined for the imaging modality, where the compromise between the beam intensity and the achievable spatial resolution is of key concern. © 2020 AIP Publishing LLC
ISSN: 1089-7623
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