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Title: The evolving role of radiotracing in integrated coastal zone management investigations
Authors: Airey, PL
Hughes, CE
Hollins, SE
Kluss, T
Keywords: ANSTO
Coastal regions
Tracer techniques
Environmental transport
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2001
Publisher: National Association for Applications of Radioisotopes and Radiation in Industry
Citation: Airey, P., Hughes, C., Hollins, S. & Kluss, T. (2001). The evolving role of radiotracers in coastal zone studies. In Ramamoorthy, N., Ananthakrishnan, M., & Nandakumar, A. N. (2001). Paper presented to the NIC-2001: NAARRI international conference on applications of radioisotopes and radiation technology in the 21st century, Mumbai (India), 12-14 Dec 2001. Proceedings of NAARRI International Conference on Applications of Radioisotopes and Radiation Technology in the 21st Century: NAARRI Honorary Secretary, Bombay, India: National Association for Application of Radioisotopes and Radiation in Industry. (pp. 127-136).
Abstract: A review is presented of the off-shore radiotracing program at ANSTO. Special reference is made to the impact that sophisticated numerical modelling is making to the design of tracer studies underpinning engineering and environmental investigations in the coastal zone. Much of the research is designed to reduce the freedom modellers have in setting parameter values. Emphasis being placed on studying of the fate and behaviour of particulates and cohesive sediments, on measuring the impact of wind fields on transport and on obtaining field measurements of model parameters such as hydrodynamic shear stress. (author)
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