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Title: Magnetic and structural properties of intermetallic NdMn2-xTixSi2 compounds
Authors: Din, MFM
Wang, JL
Zeng, R
Shamba, P
Hutchison, WD
Avdeev, M
Kennedy, SJ
Campbell, SJ
Keywords: Magnestism
Intermetallic compounds
Neutron diffraction
Mechanical properties
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2012
Publisher: Australian Optical Society
Citation: Md Din, M. F., Wang, J. L., Zeng, R., Shamba, P., Hutchison, W. D., Avdeev, M., Kennedy, S. J., Campbell, S. J., & Dou, S. X. (2012). Magnetic and structural properties of intermetallic NdMn2-xTixSi2 compounds. Paper presented at 20th Australian Institute of Physics Congress, Sydney : incorporating the 37th Australian Conference on Optical Fibre Techology, 9-13 December 2012, the University of New South Wales, Sydney. pp.108-111. Retrieved from:
Abstract: Giant magnetocalorie effects have been observed in NdMn2-xTixSi2 around the Curie Temperature Tc (with AB = 5-0 T.) The magnetic entropy charge decreases with increasing x from 27 J kg- K- for x=0 to 10 J kg- K- for x =0.3. Neutron investigations indicate that magnetostructural coupling contribution plays a critical role in the large value of magnetic entropy change.
ISBN: 9780858259911
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