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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Apr-2022Lamellae preparation for atomic-resolution STEM imaging from ion-beam-sensitive topological insulator crystalsBake, A; Zhao, WY; Mitchell, DRG; Wang, XL; Nancarrow, M; Cortie, DL
Apr-2022Teaching and education highlightedDawe, LN; García-Ruiz, JM; Hajdu, J; McIntyre, GJ; Meilleur, F; Stephenson, LL
1-Jan-2021The incremental contour method using asymmetric stiffness cutsAchouri, A; Hosseinzadeh, F; Bouchard, PJ; Paddea, S; Muránsky, O
Feb-2021On the irradiation tolerance of nano-grained Ni–Mo–Cr alloy: 1 MeV He+ irradiation experimentZhu, ZB; Huang, HF; Muránsky, O; Liu, JZ; Zhu, ZY; Huang, Y
Jun-2021The effect of microstructure and welding-induced plasticity on the strength of Ni–Mo–Cr alloy weldsDanon, AE; Muránsky, O; Zhu, HL; Wei, T; Flores-Johnson, EA; Li, ZJ; Kruzic, JJ
24-Oct-2022High-accuracy transmission and fluorescence XAFS of zinc at 10 K, 50 K, 100 K and 150 K using the hybrid techniqueJohn, MW; Sier, D; Ekanayake, RSK; Schalken, MJ; Tran, CQ; Johannessen, B; de Jonge, MD; Kappen, P; Chantler, CT
2004Soil–water distribution coefficients and plant transfer factors for 134Cs, 85Sr and 65Zn under field conditions in tropical AustraliaTwining, JR; Payne, TE; Itakura, T
24-Mar-2022Electrochemical energy storage on nanoporous copper spongeMcPherson, DJ; Dowd, A; Arnold, MD; Gentle, A; Cortie, MB
26-Jan-2022Annealing-induced strengthening and stabilization in ultrafine-grained Al and Al–Mg alloys prepared by rapid powder consolidationZhou, DS; Bu, YF; Muránsky, O; Geng, HW; Sun, BH; Yang, C; Zhang, DL
1-Jun-2021Priority issues and key findings from evaluation of disposal records for a legacy radioactive waste sitePayne, TE; Shatwell, J; Comarmond, MJ
2-May-2022Caves provide early warning of unprecedented decrease in rainfall recharge of groundwaterPriestley, SC; Treble, PC; Griffiths, AD; Baker, AA; Abram, NJ; Meredith, KT
16-Sep-2019Stygofaunal community trends along varied rainfall conditions: deciphering ecological niche dynamics of a shallow calcrete in Western AustraliaSaccò, M; Blyth, AJ; Humphreys, WF; Karasiewicz, S; Meredith, KT; Laini, A; Cooper, SJB; Bateman, PW; Grice, K
Jan-2020A review of the use of radiocarbon to estimate groundwater residence times in semi-arid and arid areasCartwright, I; Currell, MJ; Cendón, DI; Meredith, KT
1-Jan-2020Reply to Comment on “Uranium series dating of Great Artesian Basin travertine deposits: Implications for palaeohydrogeology and palaeoclimate” by Uysal et al. (2019).Priestley, SC; Karlstrom, KE; Love, AJ; Crossey, LJ; Polyak, VJ; Asmerom, Y; Meredith, KT; Crow, R; Keppel, MN; Habermehl, MA
Nov-2016Island groundwater resources, impacts of abstraction and a drying climate: Rottnest Island, Western AustraliaBryan, E; Meredith, KT; Baker, AA; Post, VEA; Andersen, MS
31-Dec-2017Carbon dynamics in a Late Quaternary-age coastal limestone aquifer system undergoing saltwater intrusionBryan, E; Meredith, KT; Baker, AA; Andersen, MS; Post, VEA
Nov-2015Impacts of cave air ventilation and in-cave prior calcite precipitation on Golgotha Cave dripwater chemistry, southwest AustraliaTreble, PC; Fairchild, IJ; Griffiths, AD; Baker, AA; Meredith, KT; Wood, A; McGuire, E
20-Apr-2022A new conceptual framework for the transformation of groundwater dissolved organic matterMcDonough, LK; Andersen, MS; Behnke, MI; Rutlidge, H; Oudone, PP; Meredith, KT; O'Carroll, DM; Santos, IR; Marjo, CE; Spencer, RGM; McKenna, AM; Baker, AA
May-2022Beneficial effect of iron oxide/hydroxide minerals on sulfuric acid baking and leaching of monaziteDemol, J; Ho, E; Soldenhoff, KH; Karatchevtseva, I; Senanayake, G
Mar-2003Historical pollution variability from abandoned mine sites, Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, New South Wales, AustraliaHarrison, JJ; Heijnis, H; Caprarelli, G
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3416