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Title: Diffuse neutron scattering studies of single crystal specimens of Fe3-x MnxSi
Authors: Ersez, T
Kennedy, SJ
Hicks, TJ
Kepa, H
Keywords: Cross sections
Iron alloys
Managanese alloys
Neutron diffraction
Silicon alloys
Spin flip
Temperature dependence
Issue Date: 9-Feb-1994
Publisher: Australian and New Zealand Institutes of Physics
Citation: Ersez, T., Kennedy, S. J., Hicks, T. J., & Kepa, H. (1994). Diffuse neutron scattering studies of single crystal specimens of Fe3-x MnxSi. Poster presented to the 18th Annual Condensed Matter Physics Meeting, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, NSW, 9-11 February 1994.
Abstract: Polarized neutron diffuse scattering measurements have been made of two single crystal specimens of the ordered intermetallic compounds Fe2.45Mno.55Si (at room temperature and Fe2MnSi (above and below the re-ordering temperature). The difference between spin-flip and non-spin-flip scattering cross-sections for the (111) position gave a negative diffuse peak around a positive Bragg peak, being more pronounced for the Fe2.45Mno.55Si crystal. This is consistent with a loss of moment on the B(Fe/Mn) site with addition of Mn. Preliminary model fitting has suggested that Mn atoms cluster on their preferred B-site.
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